Operation Backlog Completion 2024
May 012019

In 2017, we discussed the long silence concerning Fiona Frightening, a 3D platformer that had been planned for the 3DS and Wii U.

The most recent update had been from March 2017, when the developers said they were waiting for the demo to be finished.

Every now and then I search for news, and today I saw that the TV Tropes page said the creator posted on September 19, 2018 that development of Fiona Frightening had been halted.

And when I clicked the link to read the delay/cancellation announcement… it had been deleted.

However, it isn’t completely gone. It was a DeviantArt journal entry, and previews of it are still readable on DeviantArt. So when I dug further and found people discussing the game’s status, I was able to see what the original journal announcement said:

So, for several months now; I’ve had commenters asking questions all along the lines of ‘How’s Fiona Frightening coming along?’ And it’s only after a lot of thought, soul searching and attempting to contact folks involved with no response, that I have to announce this. As of now, according to my knowledge, development has been halted indefinitely, if not permanently.”

The journal entry goes on to explain the problems they ran into in more detail. Basically, the programmers they hired kept leaving, which stalled their progress, and then he lost contact with the producer of the studio. The preview ends there, so the rest of the announcement has been lost.

However, then I looked up the studio, Azurous Studios… and what did I find but their official announcement of the game’s cancellation.

It also cites the issues with programmers and concludes with a wish that they’ll be able to revisit Fiona Frightening someday.

(My guess is that the announcement from the studio is why the creator deleted his own post about it.)

I was excited for Fiona Frightening was it was first revealed, and I kept hoping they’d return even after their long silence. Unfortunately, it looks like Fiona Frightening is gone for good.

In other news, we have a Patreon now! This is sort of experimental; Patreon is changing the way it handles fees for creators starting on May 7, so if you’re interested in making one, doing so before then is the best option. Since I’ve debated about it in the past, I decided to go for it.

Anyway, if you want to support this site and my other sites (although buying my fiction is always the best option), the Patreon page is up!

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  4 Responses to “Fiona Frightening Was Officially Cancelled”

  1. Well this is a filler post if I’ve ever seen one.


    “Thank you for your support! In addition to my thanks, you get:

    An email from me giving you the chance to say which of my three blogs you follow and what sorts of content you’re interested in seeing”
    Pft, I can get that without giving you a dollar.

    What if it’s a horror survival game?

    • The problem is, I already had the post almost entirely written when I discovered the studio’s official post. XD So it went from being “I dug around and found a deleted message about the game” to a much less impressive post.

      Hmm, I tried to add some details to make it clear that when I say “survival” I don’t mean the same as “survival horror,” but since you asked, I guess I need to make it clearer.

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