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Jun 102019

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Square Enix’s E3 2019 Press Conference

I love a lot of Square Enix games, so their press conference is one I always look forward to. They already showed the Kingdom Hearts III DLC trailer and a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer at concerts ahead of time, so would their press conference beat that?

Oh yes. It did.

They started out with the Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it wasn’t just a simple rehash of the trailer. Instead, they gave us new footage and a closer look at the combat system – which uses “Tactical Mode” once your ATB bars have filled to slow time and choose actions from your menu. It’s basically a hybrid action/turn-based system, which is much more than I expected. It looks fantastic, and I’m really happy with what we saw.

The only thing I’m uncertain about is the implication that the first game (which releases on March 3) is solely Midgar. I didn’t really start to enjoy Final Fantasy VII until I left Midgar, so I was really hoping they wouldn’t do that.

Anyway, then they showed stuff from Life Is Strange 2, followed by Crystal Chronicles Remastered, which has a winter release date and added mobile version to the already-announced Switch and PS4 versions. Speaking of the Switch, The Last Remnant is out for the Switch… right now!

We also got a new trailer for Dragon Quest Builders 2, which looks like it’ll be fun and has a demo coming on June 27, as well as Dragon Quest XI S (still not sure what I’ll do, since I have the PS4 version already).

After a montage of games from the Square Enix Collective, they announced a new racing game called Circuit Superstars. Then they showed a trailer for Batallion 1944, followed by the announcement that Square Enix music is now available through music streaming services.

For me, it had slowed a little by this point, but they’d already shown a lot of great stuff. They followed the music announcement with a repeat of the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC trailer from the other day. I already discussed it over at my KH Theories site, but I’ll share it again here.

Then they went to Final Fantasy XIV to show the new expansion, Shadowbringers. Normally I wouldn’t be too interested in MMORPG news, but I’ve gotten back into Final Fantasy XIV and am enjoying it.

Anyway, the trailer was pretty cool, and I’m excited to (one day, eventually) catch up to that in the story.

They showed some of Dying Light 2, then announced that Romancing SaGa 3 and SaGa: Scarlet Grace Ambitions are both being localized. (Not only that, but even the Vita version of Romancing SaGa 3 is coming west!) I’ve never played any of the SaGa games, but maybe I’ll try one eventually.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is also being localized. I played a little bit of Brave Exvius, but I’m just not enough of a mobile gamer, I guess.

They announced a shooter called Outriders, showed another trailer for Oninaki (which I’m tentatively interested in), and then revealed…. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered! Yes, after being overlooked and skipped, Final Fantasy VIII is being remastered for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Finally, they closed the show with Marvel’s Avengers. I’m not a huge Avengers fan, but I know people were really looking forward to seeing this.

I was really hoping to see something from Babylon’s Fall, but even so, I can’t complain. This was by far the best press conference of E3 2019 so far in my opinion. Tomorrow, we’ll see if Nintendo’s show can compare…

What did you think of Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference?

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  18 Responses to “E3 2019 Part 6: Square Enix’s Exciting Press Conference”

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  2. Square Enix’s conference actually made me happy and excited.

    I don’t even anticipate Nintendo will do that.

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  4. […] Microsoft Bethesda Devolver Digital PC Gaming Limited Run Games Ubisoft Square Enix Nintendo Nintendo Treehouse & Miscellaneous […]

  5. Wow, that ‘remaster’ looks so damn lazy. Let’s just swap out the character models and call it a day.

    The voice acting in the FF7 Remake is horrible too, no way I’d play through that with the dubbing.

    Romancing Saga was a surprise though. I like Saga Frontier 2. Unlimited Saga was one of the worst games of all time imo. Romancing looks good.

    • It does seem like there’s a noticeable improvement with the character models, I think. Seems about on par with the other recent FF ports/remasters.

      What didn’t you like about the voice acting in FF7?

      I’ve never played any of the Saga games. All I know is my mom utterly hated Saga Frontier, haha. What are they like?

      • I hope they put more effort into it. I just noticed they are doing a remaster of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, I’m excited for that.

        It seemed like the direction was much worse than with Advent Children because I think those are the same voice actors(?) but they seem much worse than they did in the film. They seem over the top.

        They are kind of hit and miss it seems. Just never play Unlimited Saga unless you hate yourself.

        • Yeah, they actually announced the Crystal Chronicles remaster a while back, but it’s getting more attention now.

          I read that Cloud doesn’t have the same voice actor now. I’m not sure about the others.

          Haha, all right, I’ll keep that in mind.

          • I had no idea. Crystal Chronicles has a bit of a special place in my heart so it’s really nice news for me.

            Oh, really? I thought that was how he sounded in the movie but I must have remembered wrong.

            • I never finished Crystal Chronicles, although I played a good chunk of it. Maybe I’ll get the remaster and finally play it through to the end.

              Yeah, it looks like they’ve gone with a new voice cast. (I wonder if they’ll keep Quinton Flynn as Reno.)

              • Same for me, got to the last area. I was playing through it with a friend so we had to wait until we both had a bunch of free time to play. I wonder how they will deal with the multiplayer on the remaster.

                I see..I guess I remembered their voices totally wrong. ^^;

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  7. If they don’t have a multiplayer that would be disappointing. Even though they went about it in a cheeky way for the original, it still felt like a big part of the game. The multiplayer on it was really enjoyable, I thought. Plus it’s a pretty hard game to play on your own.I don’t mind a challenge in general but it could get a bit it’s a bit clunky.

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