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Sep 162019

After Square Enix’s E3 2019 presentation revealed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake would include a Tactical Mode to slow down time once your ATB bars filled, I was pretty happy with it as a compromise between action and turn-based combat.

Little did I know it would get even better!

At a TGS stage show, Square Enix revealed that the game will also have something called Classic Mode. This is a special difficulty option that automates the minor attacks, dodging, etc., removing the action portion of combat so the player only has to choose commands once the ATB meter fills up.

You can see it in action here. (Note the controller camera to show which parts are automatic.)

Some people have objected to this, saying that it just removes part of the game’s combat, but remember that your basic attacks won’t be dealing a lot of damage in this game. The core of the combat system is using minor attacks to build your ATB meter so you can use your special attacks, which is where most of your damage will come from. In Classic Mode, you won’t have to worry about those minor attacks and can focus on everything else intead.

It’s almost like a turn-based system where the characters run around and deal minor damage in between turns.

Of course, this isn’t truly a turn-based combat system, and I’ve seen a lot of people objecting to it because of that. It’s a good compromise, though – far more of a compromise than what I expected.

So between the TGS trailer we discussed last week and the revelation of Classic Mode, I’m really starting to feel excited for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How do you feel about Classic Mode? Do you think it’s a good compromise? Will you use it when Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out? Let me know in the comments!

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  5 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Classic Mode”

  1. Ha, just now getting started on being excited? You’re three months late, pal!

    Anyway, this is a big difference from the initial perceptions from years ago that Square would be doing away with turn-based combat altogether because it’s dated and icky and people just need to let it go and move on. Good.

    • As I mentioned yesterday in a podcast I was involved in, E3 left me feeling cautiously optimistic about Final Fantasy VII Remake, but now I’m actually outright excited for it. XD

      Yes, I’m glad they’re compromising and realize there’s still an audience for turn-based combat. It was clear they were willing to keep turn-based combat for other games, Dragon Quest XI being the big one, but this is good.

      (Don’t think I missed that reference to the worst prosecutor.)

  2. Better than nothing. I like that they did this.

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