Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Dec 112019

Not only did PlayStation have a State of Play presentation yesterday, but Nintendo also had an Indie World Showcase in the afternoon, leaving us with several exciting announcements.

The State of Play wasn’t thrilling, but it had three standout parts for me.

First, the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III’s Re:Mind DLC was officially revealed, after accidentally being discovered last week. (Warning: the trailer contains spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.)

Square Enix also announced the price: $29.99. It seems like they’re treating it more like an expansion, as it includes a new post-game story scenario, a Limit Cut episode with 13 bosses, and a secret episode with its own boss battle, along with some smaller additions like special challenge options and more photo features.

(You can also spend $39.99 to get a concert video with 19 tracks along with the DLC content.)

Later in the presentation, Square Enix also finally showed a trailer for a game I’ve been waiting for news about ever since its tiny teaser at E3 2018, Babylon’s Fall.

Okay, so we still know almost nothing about Babylon’s Fall, but now we’ve actually seen gameplay and can safely say it’s an action game. It’s PlatinumGames, so I’m interested. New information is coming next summer, so here’s hoping we see Babylon’s Fall at E3 2020.

Then Capcom showed a new trailer for Resident Evil Resistance… or rather, they officially unveiled the Resident Evil 3 remake, which will include Resident Evil Resistance as a multiplayer mode. RE3make will be out on April 3.

A special developer message mentioned that Resident Evil 3 “leans more toward action” than Resident Evil 2, which always makes me wary, but after how good the Resident Evil 2 remake was, I’m willing to trust Capcom to do a good job with this remake as well.

The State of Play ended with the world’s tiniest teaser for Ghost of Tsushima and a message saying the full trailer will be at the Game Awards. Well, that’s one trailer we can expect to see tomorrow…

In the afternoon, Nintendo kicked off the Indie World Showcase with an exciting announcement that had my attention as soon as I realized what we were seeing: a sequel to Golf Story called Sports Story.

I loved Golf Story, so if Sports Story has that same sense of humor (and from the trailer, it looks like it does), I’ll be there day one. Sports Story is planned for mid-2020.

The showcase also included Murder By Numbers, which we discussed previously. It will be a timed exclusive for the Switch, although it still doesn’t have a release date more specific than “early 2020.”

There was also a comic book style action game called Liberated that looks interesting, and the dungeon crawler Boyfriend Dungeon revealed a Switch version.

They finished by revealing Axiom Verge 2, which could be interesting, although I still haven’t played the first Axiom Verge.

These were the announcements and trailers from Playstation’s State of Play and Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase that stood out to me the most. No sign of Crash Bandicoot, so I bet we’ll see that announcement at the Game Awards tomorrow night. And with Babylon’s Fall finally resurfacing, maybe there’s a chance we’ll see more from Bayonetta 3 at last, too…

What did you think of yesterday’s presentations?

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  1. Damn, no mention at all of Untitled Goose Game? That was such a charming start to the Playstation show.

  2. […] was all the way back in 2019 that Sports Story was announced, but it was delayed after that. The most recent update from the developers came last Christmas, and […]

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