Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jan 312020

A new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer came out today, and it’s pretty awesome.

The new trailer includes a lot of stuff.

It shows the flashback conversation between Cloud and Tifa, several new scenes of crossdressing Cloud (they must know fans have been anxious about that), another scene with the new character Roche, and a confrontation between Cloud and Sephiroth.

All of these scenes look fantastic. I’m not sure how they’ll work in the new stuff with Sephiroth, but it has the potential to be interesting if they handle it well. I’ve also been concerned about how Roche will fit into the story, but he doesn’t seem bad in the trailer.

The trailer also gives us our first look at Reeve, Scarlet, Palmer, Red XIII, and Hojo.

They all look great, too. Seeing each new character was a delight. I’ve been especially looking forward to seeing what the remake would do with Hojo, and I’m pleased. He looks great!

Great in a Hojo sort of way, that is.

Finally, the trailer features what appears to be a battle against Jenova, confirming that there have been some definite story changes. Some fans have pointed out that Red XIII doesn’t appear in the party window even when he’s seen on-screen in battle scenes in this trailer, so he might not be a full party member in the first Remake game.

For Midgar to become a full-length game, they pretty much had to change some story details, so while it could potentially feel off compared to the original, I’m optimistic that they’ve made good decisions about how to handle these elements.

The entire trailer left me feeling more excited than ever for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and I only wish it was still coming out in March instead of April 10.

Moving on to Kingdom Hearts, the official name for the Xehanort mobile game has now been revealed as Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. (I was so close with my “Dark Fall” guess.) I’d hoped we would get more information about the game right away, but we’ll have to wait until mid-February for more details.

I’m still holding out hope that despite being mobile, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road won’t be a gacha game.

So, how do you feel about the newest Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer? What do you think of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road? Share all your thoughts in the comments!

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