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Apr 012020

With the Final Fantasy VII Remake almost upon us (with people getting their copies any time between now and who-knows-when due to the current chaos), Square Enix revealed the track list for its complete soundtrack.

Its 8-disc soundtrack.

Okay, the eighth disc is a bonus disc included with the “Special Edit Version” that contains music from the in-game jukebox, but that still leaves us with 7 discs for the game’s main soundtrack, with 156 songs listed.

For comparison, the original Final Fantasy VII’s soundtrack contained 85 songs over four discs – and that was for the entire story. This Midgar-focused first entry of the remake already has far more songs, which makes me wonder how much music there will be once the subsequent games are also remade.

This is not to be confused with the mini soundtrack included with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition. That is a mini soundtrack sampler that contains 12 songs. The full soundtrack will be released on May 27.

Peruse the track list at your own risk, since the titles of certain songs might imply spoilers for the game.

Speaking of spoilers, now is the time to filter Youtube and avoid Final Fantasy VII Remake discussions if you’re hoping to play it without seeing spoilers ahead of time, because copies are already out in the wild due to Square Enix shipping the game early to certain regions to avoid delays.

For those of you with digital pre-orders, the pre-load begins this Friday. I’ve debated about switching to a digital copy to play the game on its release day, but right now my love of physical games is still winning out.

Anyway, I’m excited by the sheer number of songs in this game (and I thought this would be a safe topic to blog about instead of news that could be mistaken for a prank today), and I can’t wait until I can play. Are you looking forward to the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

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  1. Calling it now: Many of these are dynamic edits of the same song but with a different name.

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