Operation Backlog Completion 2024
May 292020

Although Sony didn’t intend to have an E3 press conference this year, it looks like we have a big PlayStation event in June to look forward to nevertheless.

On June 4 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, there will be a special PlayStation 5 showcase to reveal the first PS5 games.

It will be about an hour long and feature both large studios and smaller ones. The PS5 itself is still planned for a holiday release.

I’m usually a bit behind when it comes to adopting new consoles, but maybe this showcase will include a must-play game that sends me out to get a PS5 at launch. Then again, I still remember nearly buying a PS4 at launch for The Order: 1886 before I decided to wait, and I never ended up playing that game at all. Either way, I hope to see some great games in the showcase!

(Should I consider this part of my Not-E3 coverage? E3 replacements are spread all across the month, which makes it a bit tricky to decide how to cover it.)

What are you hoping to see in the June 4 PlayStation 5 game showcase?

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May 272020

Although Anime Expo 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic, it’s been replaced with a live stream event called Anime Expo Lite that will take place on July 3 and 4.

Along with the announcement of Anime Expo Lite, they also revealed the cover for the Anime Expo 2020 program guide, which features… The World Ends With You?

The art shows Anime Expo mascot characters Ai and Xeno in Shibuya along with the main cast of The World Ends With You. No explanation has been given for why they picked The World Ends With You for this year’s theme.

(So don’t get too excited over those two in the back. They’re the Anime Expo characters.)

Looking back at past Anime Expo program covers, they usually focus on either the mascot characters specifically or Anime Expo experiences. I can’t find any examples where they picked a specific game as the central theme like they did this year.

So… does it mean something?

I want to believe it does. The World Ends With You hasn’t seen any news since the Switch port came out in 2018, so for Anime Expo to prominently feature it feels like a strange choice unless something is on the horizon. I’ve wanted a sequel ever since I finished the original, and I’d hoped the Switch version would make that possible.

On the other hand, maybe the people running Anime Expo are simply big TWEWY fans and wanted to highlight it in this year’s art.

Still, though, I want to believe.

Do you think the Anime Expo The World Ends With You art is a sign of TWEWY news to come? Will we finally get a sequel? Or do you think this will come to nothing? Either way, I’ll be looking forward to Anime Expo Lite on July 3-4 in the hopes that they really do have something planned.

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May 222020

When we discussed the trailer for Paper Mario: The Origami King, I went over a lot of the little details from the trailer and website and figured that would be the end of it until the next trailer or announcement.

I underestimated the fanaticism of the Paper Mario community.

Ever since the game was announced, fans have become obsessed with hunting down tiny details that might point toward unrevealed details about Origami King, from its level design to potential partners to the combat system.

In particular, people began comparing the tiny combat clip across different versions of the trailer. The appearance of a Toad in combat in the Chinese trailer drew the most attention, but soon people began noticing other tiny differences. Mario has slightly more HP in the Spanish trailer. Does this mean there’s a leveling system? He does different amounts of damage in various trailers. Could this mean there are equipment upgrades?

Fans have scoured the trailer for any clues about the as-yet-unrevealed aspects of the combat system. Some have noticed confetti that could function like paint did in Color Splash. Others think confetti is a special currency.

One fan dug into the website’s code in the hopes of learning more from the text used for screenshots. Others have analyzed the origami ribbons and where they appear in the environments to speculate about how many areas there will be.

The most fascinating part is that even as some people see more evidence that Origami King will be another game in the style of Sticker Star and Color Splash, others keep pulling out new evidence to support the belief that this is a return to the series’ roots. With so much still up in the air, everyone is searching for details wherever they can find them.

Did this happen when Color Splash was announced?

When I watched the trailer for Color Splash, I gave up on it as Sticker Star 2.0 fairly quickly, but I know there were fans looking for hints of possible partners. Did it reach this level of obsession, or is this new?

Regardless, the level of obsession sparked by Origami King is interesting. Here’s hoping we get actual news about the game soon – and then it’s worth playing.

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