Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Aug 212020

If you follow video game news, you’ve probably already heard about Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, the game that has been blasting through stretch goals on Kickstarter so fast you can sit and watch the funding amount go up.

I understand why (and backed it myself), because it looks fantastic.

Eiyuden Chronicle is essentially a spiritual successor to Suikoden, with a script from the writer of Suikoden and Suikoden II, turn-based combat, 109 total characters to recruit and a home base to develop, and lots of cats.

Okay, that last part doesn’t come from its Suikoden inspirations as far as I know, but it’s still worth noting.

So far I’ve only played the first Suikoden, but I enjoyed it a fair amount and look forward to playing more of them, especially the highly-praised Suikoden II.

Getting back to Eiyuden Chronicle, its music will be composed by Motoi Sakuraba (Tales, Baten Kaitos, Dark Souls, among others) and Michiko Naruke (Wild Arms), and possibly others as well.

Everything about this game sounds like it’s going to be great, and they just recently passed their stretch goal to add a 5-10 hour side story DLC (free for backers) featuring Marisa, one of the central characters of the game. With 7 days left in the campaign, who knows how far they might go?

They also released a new combat clip showing Eiyuden Chronicle’s United Hero Attacks.

It looks so good.

Now, Eiyuden Chronicle isn’t even expected to launch until 2022, so I’ve got a long wait before I’ll be playing this one. Maybe I can catch up on the Suikoden series in the meantime…

Don’t forget to check out the Kickstarter campaign to learn more. What do you think about Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes?

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