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Nov 042020

Henry Townshend from Silent Hill 4At the start of this year, rumors of a Silent Hill reboot were rampant until Konami denied them.

Silent Hill did see a little bit of renewed life last month with the surprise release of Silent Hill 4: The Room on GOG.

(Although unfortunately it appears to still be missing the hauntings that were cut from the original PC version.)

Now the reboot rumors are in full force once again thanks to a few new sources once again claiming it’s real. First we have Robert Serrano, a business analyst who tweeted that a new Silent Hill for the PS5 will be revealed at the Game Awards.

Rely On Horror reported the claim and mentioned that it “lines up with some information [they] received a little while back.”

Although things quieted down a little bit after Konami’s denial of the rumors in March, it didn’t stop entirely, especially after Konami casually created a Silent Hill Twitter account in July for seemingly no reason except to promote the Dead By Daylight crossover. Now more sources are chiming in to say that there is Silent Hill news on the way.

It’s starting to feel more and more like a new Silent Hill game really will be announced, and I’m not sure how that makes me feel.

First, I’m still not clear on what a Silent Hill reboot would even be. A game without ties to the originals’ stories? They’ve already done that. A game that reinvents the Silent Hill lore? They’ve sort of done that with the later games, too. A reimagining of the first game? Yes, they’ve done that, too!

With a series already as fractured as Silent Hill, what does a reboot even look like?

Then of course there’s my skepticism that a new Silent Hill game will actually be good. The series wasn’t exactly in peak condition when we last saw it, and Konami hasn’t earned much good will since then.

Some of the rumors claim Konami is working directly with Sony on this project, however, which would open the door for all sorts of things – a collaboration with SIE Japan Studio to have a new Silent Hill developed by Project Siren/Team Gravity, the division created by former members of Team Silent? That would probably be the ideal announcement.

Well, the Game Awards are on December 10, so we’ll know in just over a month if the latest rumors are true. Final Fantasy XVI’s announcement really happened… maybe Silent Hill is next.

What do you think? Will the rumored Silent Hill reboot be announced?

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  3 Responses to “Even More Silent Hill Reboot Rumors”

  1. I dunno if it will be a reboot but I’m sure we won’t have seen the last of Silent Hill, they know they can milk it some more.

  2. […] Two days later, 2020’s Game Awards ceremony will take place. The Game Awards always includes some new game announcements, and this one will supposedly feature the announcement of the rumored Silent Hill reboot. […]

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