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Nov 092020

Since November 7 has become known as “N7 Day,” it’s a chance each year to get Mass Effect news from BioWare.

This year, the hopes came true, as they confirmed the long-rumored next-gen remasters of the Mass Effect Trilogy, in a collection called Mass Effect Legendary Edition due out in Spring 2021, and also teased the next Mass Effect game.

Well… “teased” might be a little strong, since all they really did was confirm they have a new Mass Effect currently in development from a “veteran team.” However, they also shared an image (pictured above) together with the news.

The image shows a ship on an unknown planet with four silhouetted figures standing next to it.

If you check the URL of the image in the announcement, its title appears to be “mud skipper,” suggesting that’s the name of this new ship (or type of ship). The silhouettes seem to include a salarian, a drell, and possibly an angara.

Based on the possible presence of an angara, the new game is most likely Andromeda 2. This has caused some division among fans, since some hoped the next game would be completely removed from Andromeda. Personally, I don’t mind. I had mixed feelings about Andromeda, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with its setting. If Andromeda 2 has more interesting worlds, better dialogue choices, and (please) a better villain, it could be a great game.

Dragon Age 4 will probably be out first, and that will probably help shape how confident I am in the next Mass Effect game, as well.

Meanwhile, I doubt I’ll get the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but it reminded me that I never actually played the Citadel DLC despite all the praise it gets. Maybe I ought to finally do that.

Are you planning to buy the Mass Effect trilogy remaster? What are your hopes for the new Mass Effect game? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  2 Responses to “Mass Effect Remasters, New Mass Effect Confirmed”

  1. I still can’t believe you somehow managed to not play the Citadel DLC

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