Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Dec 162020

After launching in Early Access earlier this year, our action RPG Eternal Radiance is now finished and officially available!

Eternal Radiance is inspired by JRPGs, and it follows a young would-be knight named Celeste who goes on a journey to reclaim a stolen artifact after failing her initiation into the Ashen Order.

I wrote the story and dialogue for Eternal Radiance, and I’d love to revisit its world and characters someday. For now, I’m excited that all of you will have a chance to experience it!

It’s come a long way from its initial Early Access release, because in addition to completing the game’s content, we were also able to improve the combat and polish things up. Once again, Eternal Radiance is out now on Steam, with console ports planned for next year!

In other game news, the last couple of days have been a little crazy, so here’s a rapid-fire account of the highlights:

  • The Tales anniversary live stream had no news, but since 2020 was the way it was, the 25th anniversary has been extended for another year, with exciting announcements promised. Tales of Arise is also reportedly in the final stages of development.
  • Nintendo held another Indie World Showcase, which included the announcement that Finding Paradise is coming to Switch. It’s the sequel to To the Moon, and it’s really good.
  • Kojima Productions announced an anniversary announcement for midnight Eastern Time. At midnight, they announced the announcement would be in an hour. An hour later they revealed a wallpaper, eventually followed by some merchandise and the news that they’d won an award. It probably would have gone over better without the announcement of the announcement of the announcement.
  • Details on the next Trails game surfaced from Famitsu, as translated here. Combat details are still a little murky, since it’s a real-time action system that doesn’t require input skill, and you can switch to command-based combat. Hopefully they’ll show it on the 20th. Nayuta no Kiseki is also being remastered.
  • And this morning, the horror game Devotion was announced to be returning… only for GOG to reverse the decision mere hours later due to “many messages from gamers,” an explanation absolutely no one believes.

I was hoping we’d be celebrating a big Tales announcement today, I have mixed feelings about the possibility that Trails is switching to action combat, and I was planning to buy Devotion the moment it went live… but at least we have some good news to celebrate in there, too!

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  6 Responses to “Eternal Radiance is Out Now! (And Other News)”

  1. Damn shame about Devotion. Politics is such a mess.
    I do find it hilarious that the Tales anniversary is just being “extended” by a year xD

  2. GoG sucks for that. I got so excited when I saw the message, then I scrolled down to see the comments and guess who had made the first reply I saw? You! Your comment confused me at first because it said that the game was coming out, then your comment read like it wasn’t. It sucks that “gamers” didn’t want the game to come out *cough*

    Anyway, your game looks amazing. Congrats on getting it out!

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