Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jan 292021

You might recall that last year PlatinumGames launched the “Platinum 4” website, teasing four new announcements.

These four announcements turned out to be:

  1. Wonderful 101 Remastered
  2. Project G.G.
  3. PlatinumGames Tokyo studio
  4. Sol Cresta (April Fools’ Joke)

But after the April Fools’ Day joke, PlatinumGames updated the Platinum 4 website to tease a fifth announcement. Since then, we’ve been waiting.

In a new interview with VGC, PlatinumGames co-founder Atsushi Inaba said the fifth Platinum 4 announcement should be seen as “something extra” that is “a little smaller in scale” but should make fans smile.

Originally, my guess was that the fifth announcement would be another self-published game, but now I’m not so sure. If it’s smaller in scale than all of the Platinum 4 announcements, including the game that was just an April Fools’ joke and doesn’t really exist, I’d say a new game or even another remaster are definitely off the table.

Some fans think it might be a mobile game, but I’m thinking the final announcement will be more along the lines of merchandise – a shirt or figurine, something like that.

What do you think the fifth Platinum 4 announcement from PlatinumGames will turn out to be?

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