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Jun 302021

Today I woke up to the news that Konami had formed a “strategic partnership” with Bloober Games.

According to the official announcement, this partnership will involve “jointly developing selected contents and exchanging know-how.”

No specific details were given, but this is significant for two big reasons.

First, Bloober Team has developed several psychological horror games. I reviewed Layers of Fear 2, Blair Witch and The Medium for MonsterVine, and I previously played the first Layers of Fear. While I have mixed feelings on some of their games, I feel they’ve been getting better and better, with The Medium being my favorite Bloober Team game so far.

I also felt while playing Blair Witch that they really wanted to make a Silent Hill game, and The Medium made that even more apparent.

The second reason this news is significant is that there have been persistent rumors that multiple Silent Hill games are in development, with one of them being developed by Bloober Team. I was pretty skeptical of all Silent Hill rumors by that point, but this lends credibility to them.

Bloober Team and Konami are working together on something. Maybe it really is Silent Hill.

People’s reactions to the news today taught me that a lot of Silent Hill fans hate Bloober Team’s games and do not share my feelings that The Medium was a good game. So maybe I don’t have a lot of company in being intrigued by this news. We’ll see…

What are your thoughts on the partnership between Bloober Team and Konami, and the potential for a Bloober-developed Silent Hill game?

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