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Aug 302021

Not too long ago, rumors of a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 circulated due to Jenna Coleman (who plays Melia) saying in an interview that she thought a third Xenoblade was in development.

Maybe yes, maybe no – it didn’t sound to me like she necessarily knew for sure.

Something that definitely makes me hopeful we might see a new Xenoblade soon, though, is the recent work of composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Mitsuda has worked on a lot of games, not just Xenoblade, but the more details come out, the more hopeful it seems. Several months ago, there were tweets that suggested Mitsuda might be working on a project with ACE, a group that also worked on Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, although it wasn’t clear.

A couple of months later, the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra posted about recording music for a Japanese video game, to which Mitsuda replied saying it was a great recording session. The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra previously worked with him on Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

And now, Mitsuda is remotely recording with someone from Ireland. Another group that contributed to Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s music is the Irish choral group Anúna. When asked if they’re the ones he’s recording with now, they just replied “Aha…”

Is this related to Xenoblade Chronicles? Who knows? It’s certainly not confirmed. However, a composer who worked on Xenoblade in the past seems to be doing several collaborations with groups that also worked on Xenoblade… so it’s starting to feel likely.

(I still hope we see a Xenoblade Chronicles X sequel someday, though.)

Do you think we’ll see a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 announcement soon?

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  5 Responses to “More Music-Based Hints of a Possible New Xenoblade”

  1. Is there a reason people think this is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and not Xenoblade Chronicles X-2?

    • As far as I can tell, Mitsuda didn’t work on X’s soundtrack.

      (And Jenna Coleman’s comments sparked rumors of XC3 specifically because it would have to be something that involved Melia.)

  2. XC3 would be a great game to return to. Hopefully, we see them, sword babies. XD

  3. […] Back in August, we talked about composer Yasunori Mitsuda’s work on an unknown project that felt consistent with rumors of an upcoming Xenoblade announcement. […]

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