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Sep 172021

Remember Deltarune?

Yes, adding to the list of exciting games all coming out at the same time, Deltarune Chapter 2 was announced with a release date of today at 8 PM ET.

Deltarune was a surprise game from Toby Fox that came out back in 2018.

I played it expecting it to be a demo, only to learn that it was Deltarune Chapter 1, the first part of a new game that may or may not be connected to Undertale.

Back then, the plan was that subsequent chapters would be released all at once, although an update last year made it sound more like the plan was to release it chapter-by-chapter, and that seems to be the case now. This is Chapter 2, and further chapters are still in development.

I’m a little disappointed by that, since there might be another long wait to Chapter 3. Still, I’m excited to get more Deltarune at last!

Nothing has been revealed yet about pricing, but since Chapter 1 can be seen as essentially a long demo, I’d expect Chapter 2 to cost money. We’ll know tonight, one way or another!

In the meantime, I’d better refresh my memory about Chapter 1, since it’s a bit fuzzy after all this time. Are you looking forward to Deltarune Chapter 2?

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