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Sep 102021

Yesterday was the PlayStation Showcase, and we have a lot of great things to talk about!

I went into it hoping for God of War and maybe an update on Final Fantasy XVI (although I thought that was unlikely), but I came away with a lot more.

So here are my favorite highlights from the showcase!

They started with a Star Wars game, and I was intrigued. Then I saw what it was. Yes, it’s really happening… a Knights of the Old Republic Remake!

The teaser didn’t show much, but it’s a Knights of the Old Republic remake! I love the original game so much, and so now I will live in mixed excitement and dread. The announcement post says they’ll stay true to the story, so I hope they mean that.

Moving on, the next game was an action game I first heard about last year and thought seemed interesting, Project EVE, and it looks great! It might be a lot of fun (and maybe fill the stylish action void while we wait for Bayonetta 3).

I knew it was sci-fi, but it also looks like it’s got some creepy enemy designs, so I’m on board with that!

Meanwhile, Square Enix was there with a new Forspoken trailer.

I know Forspoken has gotten some grief for its isekai setup of a character from our world being transported into a fantasy world and becoming its hero, but I think it has potential.

However, the trailer involves a cat. Comments have rightfully pointed out that the cat does not appear to go with her to the fantasy world. I demand happiness for the cat, Square Enix!

Alan Wake Remastered got an October 5 release date, and I’m mainly excited about this because it brings us one step closer to getting an Alan Wake 2. Yes, I know I still need to play Control. I’ll do that soon.

One of the biggest surprises of the show for me was getting to see Ghostwire: Tokyo again. I was interested in Ghostwire: Tokyo from the time it was announced, but my excitement did diminish slightly after last year’s showcase, where we saw it would be more action and less horror.

But… it looks really cool and like it might still have a pretty creepy atmosphere at times!

It’ll be out in Spring 2022.

There’s a cute open world adventure game called Tchia, but of course the next major highlight for me was the game that closed out the show, our first real look at God of War: Ragnarok.

I was hoping for a release date, but even though we didn’t get one, I’m sure it will be out sometime next year. It looks great! Sure, some people are complaining that it looks graphically like the previous game, but I don’t care! I loved God of War 2018, and I’m so excited to see that story continue.

One thing that has me a little worried is that they made some comments afterwards that sounded like the Norse saga would wrap up in this game. I thought it would be a trilogy at least, since it feels like there’s a lot of stuff to pack into a single game to end the Norse storyline here.

However, what the director specifically said was that “You can’t call the game God of War: Ragnarok and not have Ragnarok happen in the game. So you know, it’s gonna happen, we’re gonna cap off the Norse series with it.”

While that does sound like this game will conclude the Norse saga, I think there’s a chance that it will build up to Ragnarok occurring at the end and lead into another game that deals with Ragnarok. We’ll see.

Either way, I can’t wait!

There were a lot of other things in the showcase that we didn’t talk about here that I know fans are excited for, like the new Spider-Man game, but these are the ones that stood out to me personally. What were your favorite highlights from yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase?

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  2 Responses to “PlayStation Showcase Highlights (KotOR Remake, God of War, and More!)”

  1. Spider-man 2 is a footnote? And no mention of wolverine at all???? (I can forgive skipping the Guardians and Deathloop new trailers, just new info on existing games).

    Spider-man was so good. I know you haven’t played it yet. But it was a really fun game. Very much enjoyed it and glad to see more about Spider-man 2.

    I never did finish KOTOR after trying it years ago… maybe a modernization is just what I need to actually get into it. Overall, I enjoyed this showcase, just gaming hit after gaming hit with only a few duds (I was disappointed in how much the Deathloop trailer spoiled with the background of the MC, and car stuff is meh). But everyone has their preferences, and mine were certainly catered to!

    • I didn’t play Spider-Man and know only a few things about Wolverine, so I’m not hyped for those games even though I know a lot of people are. But who knows, maybe I’ll eventually play them. Spider-Man is one of those games that I consider getting every now and then, except that there’s so many other games I want to play first.

      If the KOTOR remake is true to the original, definitely play it!

      I’m just glad we should finally stop seeing Deathloop trailers now. It feels like it’s been at every presentation ever since it was announced.

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