Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jan 212022

PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up started yesterday, which means you can see stats on the PlayStation games you played in 2021.

(Or you can get an error message, like me.)

For the people who have been able to successfully do their wrap-up, something curious has happened as far as the Yakuza series is concerned.

Ishin, one of the untranslated spin-offs, gets reported as Yakuza Ishin for the PS5.

This Reddit post is the first place I saw it, and then a little searching on Twitter turned up more people questioning and/or sharing it.

We might all call it Yakuza Ishin, but since it’s never been localized, its only actual title is Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin. It’s also only available for the PS3 and PS4.

So why are fans who played the Japanese Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin on their PS4 seeing it reported as Yakuza Ishin for the PS5?

Now, someone told me that the same happens with Yakuza 7 – PlayStation Wrap-Up recognizes the Japanese version of Ryu ga Gotoku 7 for the PS4 as Yakuza: Like a Dragon for the PS5. It’s definitely some sort of bug. But while there it matches Yakuza 7 to its correct English title, where would it pull “Yakuza Ishin” from unless that title has been officially used?

This might mean absolutely nothing. Maybe the system is just able to recognize the series name and uses its English counterpart. Still, I want to believe it means the title Yakuza Ishin is in the database somewhere because localization is on the way.

What do you think? Does the curious case of Yakuza Ishin showing up under that title in people’s wrap-up reports mean something?

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