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Apr 082022

It’s almost upon us: the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event will take place this weekend.

There won’t be any live stream to watch, but if any exciting information is revealed, we should hear word from people attending the event in person.

On March 28, the actual anniversary itself, Nomura shared the in-progress 20th anniversary art being prepared for the event. That’s all we know, but of course there are plenty of hopes and predictions.

So here are some possibilities for what could come out of the anniversary event…

Kingdom Hearts Steam Ports

This feels like the most likely prediction to me. The Kingdom Hearts series came to PC last year, but only via the Epic Games Store. Since other EGS exclusive have had exclusivity periods of a year, a lot of people think Steam versions could be announced soon.

That doesn’t personally matter to me too much, but I know many fans are hoping for it, and it seems like the safest bet.

Dark Road Finale Update

When Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road went offline, we were supposed to get the conclusion to the story in a finale update later on. However, the conclusion was delayed to winter, and then delayed again, this time due to a “major scenario addition.”

I’m not the biggest fan of mobile games, but I was interested in Dark Road’s story. I’m looking forward to when we finally get that finale update, so here’s hoping some news is on the way.

Next Kingdom Hearts Game

Finally, the least-likely-yet-not-impossible prediction for the anniversary event is the announcement of the next entry in the Kingdom Hearts series. They did say 2022 would be a good year for Kingdom Hearts, and we’re getting far enough along to hope for at least a teaser of the next game.

Kingdom Hearts 4 was also on the list from the Nvidia leak, which so far has proven to be pretty accurate. I don’t know if the next game will actually be Kingdom Hearts 4, but that lends support to the idea.

I’d absolutely love it if the next entry in the series was announced during the 20th Anniversary celebration.

Of course, there’s also the fear of another mobile game being announced…

What do you think will happen at the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event? Will one of these announcements be made? Will something entirely different be announced? Will there be no game-related news at all? We’ll find out soon enough.

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  4 Responses to “Hopes and Predictions for the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event”

  1. I’m just waiting to see how Nomura incorporates the Kingdom Hearts Tomagatchi into canon…

    • The worst part is, I can’t entirely dismiss that as impossible.

      Remember when people were explaining a KH3 plot point with, “Well, at one of the concerts, it was established that….”

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