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Jul 252022

How many different ways can a single game leak?

Tactics Ogre Reborn is one of the many titles that appeared in the Nvidia leak. It appears to be a remake (or remaster?) of the tactical RPG Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

In June, a listing for it briefly appeared on the PlayStation Store with its logo and artwork.

Now it’s appeared on PS Deals, a site that tracks sales in the PlayStation Store, with a full description and a November 11 release date.

According to the description, it features “a quicker pace of battle, auto save, and a complete overhaul to the controls and UI,” full voice acting, and rerecorded music, among other features. It also confirms a physical release for the PS4 version.

I’ve never played Tactics Ogre, but I’ll be interested in learning more about it. If the listed release date is accurate, though, it’ll be releasing on the same day as Valkyrie Elysium. Square Enix has quite a few games coming out this year, but I’d have expected at least a little distance between them.

Here’s hoping the official announcement comes soon. Are you interested in Tactics Ogre Reborn?

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