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Aug 032022

Nemea, the city of spring, where cherry blossoms bloom under the night skyThe Pokémon Presents didn’t have any new announcements and mainly focused on Scarlet and Violet, so since I’m not especially interested in those, let’s talk about Harvestella instead.

Harvestella was one of the games shown in June’s Nintendo Direct, an unexpected announcement that caught my attention even though I’m not a big fan of farming sims.

(This is the one where the seasons are winter, spring, summer, fall, and death, in case you forgot.)

Square Enix released some new details and screenshots today, including the screenshot shown above of the springtime town of Nemea.

The Nemea screenshots are absolutely beautiful. I also hadn’t realized you’d be visiting multiple towns in Harvestella, which makes it especially interesting.

Also, the way the post describes it, it sounds like Quietus (the season of death) occurs after each season, which should make it a fairly persistent threat.

In Nemea, you’ll begin investigating the “Spring Seaslight” that governs the season to determine why monsters have begun attacking the town. The post also introduces two characters you’ll meet in Nemea, Asyl and Istina.

Harvestella will let you switch between different jobs for combat, and today Square Enix introduced the Sky Lancer (aka dragoon) job. It seems that Asyl is a Sky Lancer, so once you start working together, you’ll be able to use that job, too. Characters will also have their own stories that progress as you get closer to them.

Finally, the post gives some attention to farming spring crops, cooking meals with them, fishing, and shipping out crops for money.

It really does feel like Square Enix’s take on Rune Factory.

Harvestella will be out on November 4 for Switch and PC. Are you interested in Harvestella?

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