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Nov 142022

The Game Awards 2022 is set for December 8 at 4:30 PM PT / 7:30 PM ET, and the nominees have been revealed.

The most exciting thing to me is that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was nominated for Game of the Year!

I didn’t expect it to get such recognition.

(This means I need to hurry up and make progress by then, since I’ve been on Chapter 4 for ages now.)

Xenoblade was also nominated for best music and best RPG.

God of War Ragnarok is another GOTY contender, and I plan to start that soon. Elden Ring is also on the list, which reminds me that I put my playthrough on hold far too long ago and need to get back to that, too. They were both nominated in several other categories, as well.

Final Fantasy XIV has nominations for Best Ongoing Game and Best Community Support, Bayonetta 3 was nominated for Best Action Game (for my Bayonetta 3 thoughts, I have a review coming soon at MonsterVine), Pokémon Legends: Arceus is one of the other Best RPG contenders, and this all makes me feel like I’ve played unusually few Game Awards nominees this year.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XVI is one of the nominees for Most Anticipated, which makes me hopeful that we might get a release date. Recent interviews said we’d have a release date by the end of the year, and the Game Awards seems like a good time to announce it.

That’s what always interests me the most about the Game Awards. While it’s nice to root for games I like to win, the potential for news and announcements is always the most exciting part.

(Here’s hoping for some nice surprises this year.)

What are you hoping for from The Game Awards 2022? Have you played many of the nominees?

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  6 Responses to “Game Awards Set for December 8, Nominees Announced”

  1. Very excited to see! Glad to see some Annapurna games making the list, Stray is still on the top of my list of games I still want to buy. Immortality also seems interesting; I had played Her Story, never played the second game, but this third game does sound interesting…

    And yes, I also need to play more Xenoblade, though I am far enough that hopefully I am past any of the pieces they might spoil haha

  2. Final Fantasy XIV & ‘best’ community support….ha…ha…..ha…

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