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Nov 092022

My wish came true!

The Indie World Showcase featured many interesting games, and it closed with the one I was hoping to see more than anything else – Sports Story.

Sports Story still exists, it looks better than ever, and it’s coming out in December!

According to the new trailer, Sports Story features, golf, tennis, soccer, and other several other activities, as well as dungeons to explore. The trailer also mentions that you can become a detective or spy, so considering how things went in Golf Story, I expect the plot to take some interesting turns.

The long silence before this update still has some fans worried, but everything from the trailer looks fantastic to me.

I’m so excited to have a Sports Story release window. I hope it has the same wacky sense of humor that Golf Story had, and I can’t wait to check it out in December.

Are you looking forward to Sports Story? What were your favorite games shown in the Indie World Showcase?

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  5 Responses to “Sports Story Release Date Set for December!”

  1. Never heard of Golf story before this post, but the idea of sports and RPGs mixing sounds interesting to me. I’ve never been a sports game fan, but I’ll play almost any RPG. I’ve also been interested in mixing RPGs with other mundane ideas or things other than just fighting and this sounds like something akin to that. WrestleQuest seems to be in the same vein of that idea I think.

    Pepper Grinder stood out to me since it reminded me of one of those old Miniclip flash games, Motherlode, where you’d dig for treasure and sell it so you could upgrade your machine. This game appears to either be stage based or a metrodvania though. Almost feels like a missed opportunity if they don’t capitalize on that nostalgia.

    Oni stood out to me, not because of the game (Though it does look okay) but because the music they chose for their trailer felt very… misplaced. It felt like a Kingdom Hearts soundtrack playing over Okami.

    • Golf Story was really great. I’m not a fan of sports games either, but I definitely recommend Golf Story. It’s such a weird, funny game.

      Haha, I see what you mean about the Oni trailer music. It does seem a little out of place.

  2. I like how you ignored everything else in the Indie direct except for Sports Story hahahaha (not that I really blame you)

    There were a few interesting ones in there, and some games with beautiful and very creative art styles too!

    • Not only is Sports Story the one I was most interested in, it’s actually what reminded me about the Indie World Showcase. I saw a tweet about Sports Story and thought, “Whoa, that’s good timing, I was thinking about that game the other day…….. because there was an indie showcase today that I forgot to watch…”

  3. […] Last month, Golf Story successor Sports Story finally got a release window after years of silence. […]

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