Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Dec 262022

Last month, Golf Story successor Sports Story finally got a release window after years of silence.

And on Friday, it came out!

It wasn’t quite as much of a shadow drop as it appeared to be at first, since Nintendo had been highlighting indie games all week long. Friday’s video included the official release announcements of Sports Story.

Only a digital version is available so far, but since Limited Run Games did a physical run of Golf Story, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same here. There hasn’t been any news yet that I’m aware of, though.

I loved Golf Story, so I was all set to buy Sports Story and start playing it right away.

However, I’ve actually decided to wait. I’ve seen a lot of people reporting bugs, including softlocks and crashes, enough to make me reconsider starting. Fortunately, Sidebar Games already responded to the concerns by saying a patch is in progress, so hopefully that will clear up the issues once it’s out.

At least I have plenty of games in my backlog to play in the meantime. I had thought Sports Story might be one of the last games I’d finish in 2022, but here’s hoping it’ll instead be a game I love in 2023.

Have you started Sports Story? Are you waiting for a patch?

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  4 Responses to “Sports Story is Out Now (But I’m Waiting)”

  1. Definitely interested in it, but more than bugs or other issues… my backlog is too big to be buying this right now, when I have so many other games I’ve bought to play xD

  2. Wow, Sports Story is really getting wrecked in the reviews.

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