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Dec 072022

Yesterday, Bandai Namco filed a trademark in Japan for “Beyond the Dawn.”

It didn’t particularly stand out to me. A title like that could be for anything.

Today, however, they followed it with a European trademark for “Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn.” Now it’s much more interesting to me.

So, what could Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn be?

Back in April, the developers said there were no plans for a Tales of Arise sequel or story DLC, as they wanted it to stand on its own without the need to continue the story. Some fans are now wondering if they’ve changed their mind and decided to make an expansion or DLC after all.

Another possibility is an anime adaptation. A handful of Tales games have gotten anime adaptations, such as Tales of Zestiria the X.

The worst-case scenario is that it’s a mobile game. That’s not even just because I’m not a big mobile gamer; the last couple of Tales mobile games have been shut down so quickly, I’d have no faith in a new one to last. Luminaria didn’t even make a full year.

If Beyond the Dawn is game-related, we could hear something at the Game Awards tomorrow. Of course, trademarks sometimes go a long time without any news coming of them. I’m still waiting for something to come from Capcom’s mysterious Apollo Justice trademark. Yes, I’ll be hoping for Ace Attorney news tomorrow, too. Let me dream.

What do you think Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn will be?

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  3 Responses to “What Is Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn?”

  1. i’m guessing anime. I can’t see them making a mobile game just for Arise…
    … Though I also have yet to play Arise…

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