Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Mar 082023

We talked about Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon when it was announced during the Game Awards 2022.

Bayonetta Origins is a T-rated prequel spin-off starring a young Cereza.

How it fits into the series overall is a little unclear, particularly in light of certain aspects of Bayonetta 3’s plot, but the premise seems intriguing and it sounds like it will expand on the role of faeries in this world. It also has a gorgeous storybook-style presentation that I love.

While it had a tiny teaser demo within Bayonetta 3 itself, a proper Bayonetta Origins demo is now available. It covers first couple of chapters, and your save data will transfer to the full game.

I haven’t finished the entire demo yet, but I’ve played enough to be interested. Although following a young, unsure Cereza takes some getting used to compared to the usual Bayonetta, the game looks beautiful and plays well so far, and the map makes it look like it will be a decently sized game after all.

I’m looking forward to finishing the demo and playing the full game when it launches later this month. Have you tried the Bayonetta Origins demo yet?

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