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Apr 102023

I don’t know what made Easter the day for leaks, but I woke up Sunday morning to see a new surge of Persona 3 remake rumors.

A Persona 3 remake has been rumored for quite a while now, but the latest batch of rumors include footage claimed to be from a video shown at an internal Sega meeting in 2021.

The supposed leaked footage posted on Twitter contains a clip from the Persona 3 remake, a segment of Sonic Frontiers gameplay showing a boss that was cut from the game, and a clip from a Jet Set Radio game.

This ties back to Jet Set Radio reboot rumors from last April, and some people say they saw leaked images back then that match the footage in that video.

So if this is fake, that means someone not only made believable Persona 3 remake footage, but also footage based on a Sonic boss shown only in concept art, and Jet Set Radio footage that aligns with previous rumors as well. That’s an incredible amount of effort put into faking a leak.

(Although it’s not impossible. High-effort fake leaks have happened before.)

Meanwhile, Gematsu tweeted that they can’t verify the footage but understand a Persona 3 remake really has been in development.

The rumors further intensified when someone found a domain registration for “p3re.jp” (although keep in mind that Atlus has registered other potential Persona-related domain names without using them yet).

All of this together makes the Persona 3 remake rumors seem increasingly credible.

It might seem strange for them to release a port of Persona 3 Portable while a remake is in development, but then again, Atlus ported Catherine to PC within months of Catherine: Full Body being released for consoles. That’s one of the main reason the P3P port never entirely convinced me a remake couldn’t still happen, although I still might play through Persona 3 Portable in the meantime.

Persona 3 remake rumors dominated online discussions for a good portion of yesterday, but another rumor was right behind it… a claim on Famiboards that Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is being remastered.

This rumor has much less to support it than the Persona rumors. It basically comes down to one person claiming “sources” told them a Thousand-Year Door remaster is being worked on. Paper Mario rumors have cropped up in the past, so I won’t put too much stock in it. Then again, in a year when Ghost Trick and Baten Kaitos are being remastered, who knows?

Do you believe the Persona 3 remake rumors? What about the Thousand-Year Door remaster rumors? Are you hoping for either or both to be true?

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  8 Responses to “Persona 3 Remake Rumors Surge, Paper Mario Rumors Resurface”

  1. Hard to believe they will remake Thousand Year Door unless it’s part of a general set of ports of them finally re-releasing GameCube games for modern consoles, given how much they’ve diverged from the original games with the current Paper Mario games.
    I am definitely hoping for a P3 remake, would be interesting to see what they add or consolidate in that and would get more people to play it!

    • Re-releasing more GameCube games would be nice in general.

      Would you recommending playing Persona 3 Portable in the meantime?

      • I would still recommend playing Persona 3 Portable, though it’s impossible to predict if Atlus will really do a worthwhile remaster of P3 or if that’s just wishful thinking… The main things it is missing from P3 FES are the ability to wander around in 3D (which got removed due to the system change I believe) and the FES game portion, which is essentially a separate epilogue game that takes place after the main story. Also, if for some reason Atlus remasters without the female MC… then I’d say to just go with P3P for that, since the female MC route has a lot of positive differences in the social links compared to the male MC’s social links.

        I would also recommend playing P3P so you can finally enjoy all the spin-off Persona content, like P4 Arena!

        • Yes, I figured if I do play P3P, I’d play as the female MC since that’ll guarantee me a different route if I play a different version someday.

          That reminds me that I have all the dancing games… XD

  2. Hmph, that TTYD “trust me bro” story isn’t worth repeating.

  3. Would love a new Jet Set Radio.

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