Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Sep 272023

The recently-released Final Fantasy VII mobile game Ever Crisis is also coming to PC, as recently announced by Square Enix.

The PC version has no set release date yet, but it’s in development.

Now, you might have noticed that even though we’re coming up on three weeks since Ever Crisis launched, I haven’t said anything about it. That’s partly because Ever Crisis forces you to alternate between the available stories. I played through the start of the Final Fantasy VII story, but the next chapter is locked until I play through the start of Crisis Core.

Since it’s just the start for now, I might do it, but I’d rather play the Crisis Core remaster before experiencing its story in abridged mobile game format.

That is my strongest impression of Ever Crisis right now. It gives you shortened versions of Final Fantasy VII scenes to play through, so it’s a fun refresher but not the best way to experience the story. I do find its version of the ATB combat system pretty fun, though.

The gacha hasn’t been too intrusive in the little bit I’ve played, but it certainly does like showing me ads to let me know I could be spending money right now.

Even more than not wanting to start Crisis Core yet, I’ve just found myself not feeling any pressing need to play Ever Crisis. All the gacha game trappings just drain my motivation away and make me want to play a regular JRPG instead, despite liking the combat. I do want to experience the original stories, though, so maybe I’ll get back to it.

Anyway, are you playing or planning to play Ever Crisis? Are you more interested in it knowing it’ll get a PC release?

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