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Sep 062023

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will be out tomorrow, September 7.

Despite my general dislike of mobile games, this is one I’m intrigued by enough to give it a chance. As a mobile game intended to cover the entirety of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation, it seems like an interesting project.

New information has come out about Ever Crisis in a Famitsu interview, with the major details translated by Audrey on Twitter. According to the interview, the game will launch tomorrow with the Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core, and First Soldier stories.

Each will be the start of that story arc, and the Final Fantasy VII story will have content up through the end of the Midgar section at launch. These three stories will be updated with a new chapter each month. The updates are also intended to complement Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (which is another reason to think we could get a Rebirth release date soon).

I assume once one or all of the three story arcs is concluded, another one will begin.

I had kind of hoped the entire full story would be available from the start. I guess that’s not the best model for these free-to-play mobile games, though, so I should have known better. The gacha aspect of Ever Crisis has me nervous, but I want to at least give it a try.

(The last time I tried a mobile gacha game, it was Tears of Themis, and my motivation drained away the moment I saw all the typical gacha game screens, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen here.)

Are you planning to try Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis?

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