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Sep 012023

We are quickly approaching the 25th anniversary of the Spyro series.

That’s right, the original Spyro the Dragon launched on September 9, 1998.

Now, I haven’t talked about the Spyro series too much here, but that’s because I played the original trilogy long before I started blogging, and the later games after the series switched developers never quite clicked with me.

I picked up the remastered collection, but haven’t played it yet due to having played the originals.

But those original three were among my favorites. I loved those games.

With the 25th anniversary fast approaching, they announced that the remastered trilogy has sold 10 million copies worldwide, a nice milestone to cross. The Spyro social media accounts also changed their profile and header pictures to reflect the 25th anniversary.

All in all, it looks like they’re serious about celebrating the 25th anniversary, so I have my fingers crossed for a new Spyro game announcement! Crash Bandicoot got a new game just a few years ago (which I still need to play), so why not Spyro?

Despite falling away from the series after the original trilogy, I’d definitely be willing to give a brand-new Spyro game a chance. Do you think they’ll announce a new game for the anniversary?

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  5 Responses to “Spyro is Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary”

  1. I got the remastered trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed it! I had played the originals but never quite thoroughly, so it was a nice way to feel both the nostalgia and experience all the Spyro I never did growing up. I look forward to seeing how they celebrate 25 years!

  2. Nice! Makes me feel really old. I remember playing a demo of the original Spyro that came with a magazine. The Bandicoot & Spyro remaster just don’t feel the same to control to me, but both are quite enjoyable still.

  3. […] hopes of a new Spyro game announcement for the 25th anniversary, the anniversary came and went without so much as a […]

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