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Sep 252023

I mentioned it briefly on Friday, but now let’s discuss it in more detail. During Capcom’s TGS showcase, the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy received a January 25 release day.

I almost joked about the possibility in my post about Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth coming out on January 26, right ahead of Granblue Fantasy Relink and Persona 3 Reload, with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth a month later. I almost joked that the Apollo Justice Trilogy’s “early 2024” window would also mean that time frame.

But I didn’t joke about it, because I thought it would be too unlikely. I figured it would be more of an April sort of “early.”

I tuned in to Capcom’s TGS 2023 show not expecting too much and hoping for a release date. Well, not only is the Apollo Justice Trilogy coming out on January 25, but it also looks to be a fantastic collection.

Worried about the DLC cases? They’re included! (Not Asinine Attorney, though; since that wasn’t even in the mobile port, it’s probably lost to time just like The Great Ace Attorney 2’s similar comedy-focused DLC cases.) Wondering if they’d include the Spirit of Justice prologue anime? It’s part of the Art Library! The Orchestra Hall contains 175 tracks! It has the quality-of-life features The Great Ace Attorney got, like dialogue autoplay and Story Mode. And there’s even a new “Animation Studio” feature that lets you choose a background, character, animation, etc. to create your own scene.

It was more exciting than I expected for a trailer about games I’ve already played.

The official website includes details about all of these things and more.

Now, I can’t help it. When I saw that January release date, my thoughts started churning. What if they’re releasing the Apollo Justice Trilogy so early in the year to clear the way for an Ace Attorney 7 announcement later on?

Then I saw someone online suggest that the new illustration unlocked after completing the whole collection could tease Ace Attorney 7. Apparently Capcom did something similar in a Mega Man collection to hint at Mega Man 11. It’s probably not going to be that, but now I can’t let go of the idea. A piece of art unlocked as you beat each game is logical enough, but also an additional one unlocked after you beat all three? That would be a prime spot to include a sequel tease.

So yes, the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming out on January 25, right on top of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, and I’m now tempted to replay all of them just in case.

Digital preorders have yet to open up despite there being a spot on the website for them, but Play-Asia listed a physical import for $60 while VGP listed it at $70. Since Play-Asia listed Ghost Trick at $60 before lowering it once the official price came out, it’s quite likely that the same thing will happen here, since it appears the physical edition in Japan is going for closer to $45. Right now, we just have to wait and see. (Edit: Play-Asia has now revised the price down to $42, and VGP to $52.)

What do you think about the new features and bonuses revealed for the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy? Do you think there’s a chance it will tease Ace Attorney 7?

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  8 Responses to “The Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy Sounds Like a Great Collection!”

  1. You’re all excited about Ace Attorney 7, but the real theory you should consider is that their next project will be a re-re-release of the first Ace Attorney Trilogy (for the next Nintendo console / PS5 / Xbox Series as opposed to the Switch / PS4 / Xbox One), but now with an art gallery / music gallery / the other types of Extras in this one.

  2. It looks really exciting! Even though I’m not sure when I would play it again, I am glad to see the games getting more love and will definitely be pushing these at others!

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