Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Mar 292024

There’s a lot we could be talking about right now – Uchikoshi’s cryptic tweets, Corpse Party II localization, Cupid Parasite fandisc release date, Reynatis gameplay footage – but let’s talk about Miles Edgeworth instead.

Around a month ago, Capcom opened an Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy popularity poll. Fans were asked to vote for their favorite character from the Apollo Justice Trilogy, and the top 3 characters would be featured in new artwork.

Well, the results are in… and the #1 most popular character in the Apollo Justice Trilogy is Miles Edgeworth!

Phoenix Wright (Apollo Justice version) and Apollo Justice himself came in 2nd and 3rd place respectively, so art director Takuro Fuse released a beautiful new piece of artwork featuring the three of them together.

Also ranking in the top 10 were Trucy Wright, Klavier Gavin, Simon Blackquill, Phoenix Wright (Dual Destinies/Spirit of Justice version), Maya Fey, Athena Cykes, and Ema Skye. I’m satisfied with Blackquill ranking #6, if surprised that he lost to Klavier, and pleased to see Athena in the top 10.

But while Phoenix managed to rank in the top 10 twice, the most impressive thing here is that Edgeworth took the #1 spot. (Although who knows, maybe Phoenix would have won if he wasn’t counted as two separate characters.) I love Edgeworth, but he barely qualifies as an Apollo Justice Trilogy character. Of the 16 cases in the Apollo Justice Trilogy, I believe he only appears in 3.

This follows in the footsteps of last year’s poll about which character you’d want to defend you, which Edgeworth won despite being a prosecutor for the majority of his appearances.

It would seem Edgeworth is so popular that he can win any Ace Attorney popularity poll he technically qualifies for. If Capcom wasn’t planning to remaster Investigations, I’d bet they’re considering it now. Speaking of which, if you’ve been keeping track of Capcom acknowledging Investigations 2, Fuse’s message about the new artwork mentions that Edgeworth in his vest “has not been shown since the opening of Ace Attorney Investigations 2.”

Look, I still believe a new Ace Attorney game should and will come first, but a remaster of Investigations & Investigations 2 feels more likely than ever now… because if Edgeworth really is this popular, it’ll fly off the shelves.

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Mar 272024

After my mixed feelings on Tales of Arise, I still haven’t bought the DLC, but I’ve nevertheless been looking forward to news from the Tales series.

Well, this isn’t exactly the news I’d hoped for.

Several older Tales games have been delisted from PSN without warning. After seeing a Reddit post about it, I took a look for myself to confirm it.

In North America, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles has been delisted, although you can still purchase Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World separately. In the reverse of that, Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces f can be bought together as a bundle, but aren’t available separately. Tales of Xillia 2 has been delisted completely, as has Tales of Hearts R for the Vita.

According to the online reports, similar delistings have occurred in the European and Japanese stores as well.

Bandai Namco hasn’t made any official statement about the games being delisted yet, so it’s not clear if this was intentional or just an oversight. The most optimistic take would be that they delisted them in preparation for bringing them all to modern platforms… but I don’t feel even that optimistic, especially when what’s been delisted is so inconsistent.

However, next year is the 30th anniversary of the Tales series. Maybe they’ll surprise us after all.

Now my backlog is overflowing with Tales games, because I bought all the games that were available at the time, so the games being delisted doesn’t affect me personally. But as a Tales fan, it’s sad to see a number of the games suddenly become that much harder for players to get.

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Mar 252024

A little over two weeks ago, a Stellar Blade demo was released… and then quickly taken down. Apparently it was released earlier than it was supposed to be.

Some people did manage to play it during that time frame, and their impressions left me eager to get a chance to play the demo myself.

From the trailers, I had been imagining it as closest to Bayonetta or Nier Automata, but I heard a lot more Souls-like comparisons than I expected.

Well, those of us who missed the accidental demo will have our chance at the end of the week. The Stellar Blade demo has been announced for March 29. Moreover, your demo save data will transfer to the full game.

I’ve been intrigued by Stellar Blade since back when it was known as Project Eve, and I can’t wait to try the demo.

Stellar Blade itself will be out on April 26, which puts it right around other games I’ve got my eye on, like Eiyuden Chronicle (April 23) and Sand Land (also April 26). I haven’t tried the Sand Land demo yet either, so maybe I’ll try that as well to figure out what games to prioritize!

Not that I’ve even finished the games that came out earlier this year yet…

Anyway, it’s good to have an official date for the demo now, and I’m looking forward to trying it. Will you be playing the Stellar Blade demo?

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