Operation Backlog Completion 2024

Eternal Radiance


Developer: Visualnoveler
Genre: Action JRPG/Visual Novel
Platforms: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch
My role: Writer

Buy: Steam

For centuries, the Ashen Order has protected the people of Darencia from monsters. Celeste, a young squire training to join the knighthood, has been sent to the port town Ancora to complete her initiation by retrieving an ancient artifact that has corrupted the forest.

When a mysterious young woman steals the artifact before Celeste can take it, she fails her initiation. Determined to prove herself, Celeste leaves home to find the thief, reclaim the artifact, and become a knight.

But tracking down the thief proves to be much more complicated and dangerous than Celeste expected. Joining forces with the mercenary Valana and the researcher mage Ruby, Celeste’s journey takes her across a continent filled with ancient ruins, deadly monsters, and a growing conspiracy.

The more Celeste sees of the world, the more questions she has. One thing is certain: the girl who took the artifact is no ordinary thief, and the stolen artifact is only the tip of a dark plot.

Inspired by classic action JRPGs, Eternal Radiance combines fast-paced combat with visual novel storytelling.

You can find out more about it by visiting its website and Facebook page, or by following wraithseeker on Twitter.

Eternal Radiance is available now from Steam.

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