Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Mar 272024

After my mixed feelings on Tales of Arise, I still haven’t bought the DLC, but I’ve nevertheless been looking forward to news from the Tales series.

Well, this isn’t exactly the news I’d hoped for.

Several older Tales games have been delisted from PSN without warning. After seeing a Reddit post about it, I took a look for myself to confirm it.

In North America, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles has been delisted, although you can still purchase Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World separately. In the reverse of that, Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces f can be bought together as a bundle, but aren’t available separately. Tales of Xillia 2 has been delisted completely, as has Tales of Hearts R for the Vita.

According to the online reports, similar delistings have occurred in the European and Japanese stores as well.

Bandai Namco hasn’t made any official statement about the games being delisted yet, so it’s not clear if this was intentional or just an oversight. The most optimistic take would be that they delisted them in preparation for bringing them all to modern platforms… but I don’t feel even that optimistic, especially when what’s been delisted is so inconsistent.

However, next year is the 30th anniversary of the Tales series. Maybe they’ll surprise us after all.

Now my backlog is overflowing with Tales games, because I bought all the games that were available at the time, so the games being delisted doesn’t affect me personally. But as a Tales fan, it’s sad to see a number of the games suddenly become that much harder for players to get.

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Aug 072023

Can you believe it’s coming up on two years since Tales of Arise?

Lately I’ve found myself wondering when the next Tales game will be announced.

Two years isn’t such a long time to wait for most series, but the 5-year gap between Berseria and Arise was unusual for Tales, and even then, Arise was announced in 2019.

Now, the time since Arise hasn’t been completely devoid of Tales games. Tales of Luminaria, the latest in their long line of ill-fated mobile games, came out in January 2022 and shut down 6 months later. Tales of Symphonia also got a remaster, although one of questionable enough quality compared to the other versions that I didn’t get it despite it being one of my favorite games of all time.

But neither of those is enough to keep me from looking forward to the next Tales announcement, whether it’s the next entry in the series or another remaster. For that matter, we still don’t know what Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn is.

It would be strange for DLC to come out after all this time, so an adaptation feels more likely now.

(Meanwhile, in that post from when Beyond the Dawn’s trademark first surfaced, I lamented the lack of news related to Capcom’s Apollo Justice trademark, so I’m happy to look back on that now that we have the Apollo Justice Trilogy coming next year.)

Some sort of Tales news is set for this Thursday at 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET, but it’s not clear if it’ll be a game announcement or something else entirely. I have my fingers crossed, though.

When do you think the next Tales game will be announced?

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Jan 112023

Tales of Symphonia Remastered is due out for the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on February 17, and lately fans have been talking about the potential for other remasters.

In the official Q&A on the website, Bandai Namco says the following:

Will there be future remasters or remakes of older Tales titles?

We really appreciate the enthusiasm shared by Tales fans worldwide on wanting to experience our portfolio of games on modern platforms. As of now, we are focusing wholly on the release of TALES OF SYMPHONIA REMASTERED, though we are always happy to hear what our community would love to see for future games.”

That’s not exactly a clear indication that anything is going to be remastered. However, I take confidence from the fact that they highlighted it as a question on their own. When that sort of vague answer is given during an interview, it often feels more like they just don’t want to shut down the possibility, but here it’s something they specifically brought up.

(Why exactly this is coming up now when that Q&A is from November, I’m not sure. I’ve seen people translating the Q&A from the Japanese site, but they seem to be the same answers.)

Personally, I’d like the next Tales remaster to be one of the games not released outside of Japan yet, so that we get another chance at getting it. As I mentioned in my updated list of untranslated games I’d love to see get localizations, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Rebirth, and Tales of Innocence R are some of the most notable Tales games not released in the west yet.

One by one, games I’ve wanted to see localized have gotten new, translated releases. Will one of the older Tales games be next? Or do you think something like Tales of Xillia will be the next choice for a Tales remaster?

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