Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Mar 182013

It’s been a while.

Quite a lot has happened since the last time I wrote, so much that I found myself not having time to visit my blog, even though I really knew I should. So let us try to cover as much as we can.

First, I’m not sure what happened to the review of Sacreya’s Legacy. As far as I can tell, it has yet to appear, although it may just be a delay. However, review or no review, Sacreya’s Legacy is always available for you to read and enjoy!

Next, I have begun freelance writing of a very interesting sort. I’ve been contracted to write product descriptions for a fashion company, but these descriptions are all a part of an interconnected universe featuring wizards, spies, and an assortment of other crazy characters who come together to tell the story of Wizards of the West.

I’m not done yet.

Love-Under-the-MistletoeFor Christmas, Kellan Publishing released a short romance story of mine called “A Special Present” It is about two of Santa’s elves who have been best friends all their lives, and when Christmas draws near, they realize just how much they care about one another… It’s a short, sweet little tale that can be found in the collaborative Love Under the Mistletoe.

Kellan Publishing also released my horror/comedy novella, The Accidental Zombie. No one accidentally creates a zombie, right? Well, when two scientists do just that, they find themselves on a desperate quest to stop their creation before it is too late.

And finally, one quick update–The Book at Dernier was delayed, and will be released this July. Keep an eye out for it! I’ll try to provide more frequent updates in the future, I assure you.

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