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May 302016

World-of-Final-Fantasy-BrendiresWhile Final Fantasy XV gets most of the attention, World of Final Fantasy is the other upcoming Final Fantasy game, a turn-based RPG for the PlayStation 4 and Vita.

A year ago, after it was shown at Sony’s E3 2015 show, I wasn’t sure what it was about.

Was it a story-driven RPG? A cute little game mainly concerned with being cute?

Would it be an epic turn-based RPG, or another sign Square Enix thinks “epic” and “turn-based” are contradictory?

I’m still not entirely sure, although the trailer shown at TGS 2015 helped.

In an interview with Kotaku, the director said it would have the “volume of a story” found in Final Fantasy VI, VII, and VIII. That’s great, but I can’t help but be a little skeptical when I see this cute world filled with chibi versions of past Final Fantasy characters…

Nevertheless, Square Enix has released new details and screenshots, so let’s talk about one of our favorite things: the villains!

Dark Knight Brendires

The guy pictured up above is Dark Knight Brendires. “Dark Knight” is probably his class, since he’s the king in charge of the Bahamut Army. In traditional villain fashion, he plans to take over the world.

He has a cool design, so I’m interested in learning more about him despite his vague motivations.


World-of-Final-Fantasy-SeguriwadesSeguriwades is the Bahamut Army’s staff officer, responsible for developing their strategies.

He and Brendires will create a “vortex of chaos” in the world, which is here called Grymoire although it’s previously been written as Grimoire.

I’d like to get a better look at him. I also hope they have some more allies… maybe a mad scientist?


Other Characters

The new information also revealed a mysterious Masked Woman who seems helpful but might not be, the Bahamut Soldier enemies, chibi Vivi from Final Fantasy IX, new saver summons (used by Yuna, Cloud, the Warrior of Light, and Lightning), and three Mirages (Odin, Undead Princess, and Descal).

I’m still not entirely sure what World of Final Fantasy is.

But hey, Brendires and Seguriwades look interesting, so maybe this really will be a return to both Final Fantasy’s gameplay and storytelling of old.

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May 272016

We’ve got release windows for two Japanese games to talk about today.


Muv-LuvFirst up, Muv-Luv.

Back in January, I discussed Muv-Luv as one of several games I’ve crowd-funded and explained it’s supposed to be one of the best visual novel series ever.

According to the latest announcement, the translation for Muv-Luv Extra is finished, and Muv-Luv Unlimited should be ready in June.

The planned release date for Muv-Luv in the West is July. They have cancelled the beta test so they can focus on getting the full release ready in time.

Muv-Luv (Extra and Unlimited) has a Steam page now. Muv-Luv Alternative is planned to follow in the winter. It hasn’t appeared on PSN yet, but it will be released for the Vita, as well.

Unfortunately, physical copies were only available to backers.

I look forward to finding out in July what Muv-Luv is all about.

Dragon Quest Builders

Next, a game most people thought wouldn’t be localized has been announced for the West… Dragon Quest Builders, available for PS4 and Vita.

While Dragon Quest Builders is a Minecraft-esque building game, it’s also an action RPG with a full-length story mode.

One thing I find really cool about it is that it’s set in the same world as the original game, which I actually played, following an alternate ending where the hero joins the Dragonlord instead of defeating him.

I’m not much of a sandbox/builder fan, but the story has me interested. It’s also just good to see Square Enix showing confidence in the West’s Dragon Quest market.

Dragon Quest Builders will be out in October.

Are you interested in either Muv-Luv or Dragon Quest Builders? Why or why not?

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May 252016

I-Am-SetsunaI Am Setsuna is one of my most-anticipated games of the year.

The first game made by Square Enix’s new development studio, Tokyo RPG Factory, and announced at last year’s E3 show, I Am Setsuna is a classic-style JRPG in the style of Chrono Trigger.

It is being localized for the PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam). Unfortunately, it’s digital-only. Still if you like this sort of game, don’t let its digital nature deter you!

I Am Setsuna will be out on July 19 for $39.99, and Steam pre-orders come with a bonus music track.

Square Enix just released an E3 2016 trailer for the game. E3 is still a few weeks away, but nothing like getting a head start, I guess. It’s an English gameplay trailer, so take a look for a better idea of what this game is like.

It looks pretty fun, and the Chrono Trigger influence is clear.

I’m looking forward to this game, although I need to decide if I want to play it on the PC or the PS4 I haven’t bought yet. Either way, I can’t wait until July.

With any luck, I Am Setsuna will be a big success and encourage Tokyo RPG Factory to make more games like it. Maybe it will even convince Square Enix turn-based combat isn’t dead yet.

What do you think of I Am Setsuna?

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