Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jun 302023

The Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective remaster is out now, so if you never had a chance to play this game, there’s never been a better time.

Capcom led up to the remaster’s release by tweeting the “Four Prologues,” four short prologues set just ahead of the start of the game, which were originally exclusive to Japan.

These four prologues follow Sissel, Lynne, Nearsighted Jeego, and Ray. Personally, I would have picked a lot of characters to get a prologue before Jeego, but since they’re specifically about the characters in the junkyard, it makes sense. While short, they were fun to read.

So, why am I making such a big fuss about a remastered DS game?

The original Ghost Trick was one of the titles I included on my list of must-play games/series back in 2016. Parts of that list might be outdated by now, but Ghost Trick still deserves its spot.

I also reviewed the remaster for MonsterVine, where I called it a masterpiece. I can’t say enough how much I love this game. It has great puzzles, an excellent sense of humor, and an absolutely fantastic story.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is out now on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and I couldn’t be happier. A game that was once tricky to recommend to anyone who didn’t want to play the mobile port is now available on every major console.

It’s a digital-only release in the west, unfortunately, but if you’d prefer a physical copy, you can buy Ghost Trick from Play-Asia with English on the cart/disc.

Play-Asia has both a Japanese copy for $29.99 and an Asian copy for $39.99, so you might wonder if there’s a difference. I certainly wondered what the difference between them was, so I asked customer service, and they said the price difference is just a regional thing and all the content itself is the same.

(I subsequently preordered a copy, although it hasn’t shipped yet since I ordered it alongside an item that has been delayed.)

Meanwhile, the creators said in an interview with Game Informer that they hope it sells well enough for them to consider making a sequel. I’d love to see a Ghost Trick sequel with a new cast of characters, so here’s hoping! I’ve done my part.

Play Ghost Trick! It’s a fantastic game, and its remaster is out now!

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Jun 282023

Dragon Quest XII is once again a hot topic of debate, which is impressive considering how little we know about it.

Part of this comes from Final Fantasy XVI. Being an M-rated action RPG, it’s led many fans to think Dragon Quest XII will follow in its footsteps.

The concerns about Dragon Quest XII having action combat have been circulating ever since it was announced, despite there being no proof of that.

This time, however, the controversy is more about the game’s tone.

The latest news comes from an interview in which Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii was asked about the status of Dragon Quest XII, since we haven’t seen anything about it since it was announced in 2021.

As translated by Noisy Pixel, he responded:

Mmm, I guess it will take a little while. This time we are making a game directed toward an adult audience, so we are having a lot of trouble (laughs). There was also the Coronavirus pandemic.”

He goes on to say that a lot of employees are still working remotely.

This has spurred a lot of controversy over the idea that Dragon Quest XII will be a dark, edgy, M-rated game, along with the repeated claims that it won’t have turn-based combat, even though none of this has been confirmed. We still don’t know what they mean about the target audience being adults. We barely know anything about Dragon Quest XII at all.

Here’s what’s actually been confirmed about Dragon Quest XII:

  • The full title is Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate.
  • It was described as “Dragon Quest for adults” when announced.
  • It will have choices.
  • The combat system will be “renewed” but still feel familiar to fans (based on the translation here).
  • The story is complete.
  • It has the same director as Dragon Quest XI.
  • It uses Unreal Engine 5.
  • Dragon Quest XII could set the path for the next 10-20 years of the series.

None of that says the combat will be a radical departure (if anything, it suggests the opposite). There’s no proof the tone will be dark and edgy or even rated M, either. All of those assumptions are coming from the “Dragon Quest for adults” line, which still hasn’t been explained. For all we know, that could mean they’re making the gameplay more complex.

So, what about this latest interview answer? Considering he laughed while giving the answer, I’m not sure we should attach too much significance to the adult target audience being what’s caused so much time to pass without news. The remote work and COVID-related delays feel like the more likely culprits.

Dragon Quest XII could have a completely different tone, but it’s too early to panic over it. In the meantime, I probably should play more Dragon Quest so I have more than two games to reference when talking about it!

What do you think Dragon Quest XII having an adult target audience means?

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Jun 262023

We’ve just gone through several showcases with exciting announcements, but even more news could come from Anime Expo, which runs from July 1-4 this year.

Last year, Aksys and Spike Chunsoft had some fantastic surprises at their panels.

This year, Idea Factory has all but stated outright that they’ll announce a new otome localization at Anime Expo. (Probably just one, but I can’t help but hope for at least two.)

Atlus will also be present, with panels on Persona 5 Tactica and Persona 3 Reload, as well as a Shin Megami Tensei panel described on the schedule as including “a glimpse into the future,” although with P5T, P3R, and Metaphor all on the table, I’d be surprised if they announce a new SMT game on top of those. RGG Studio has a Like a Dragon panel as well, so perhaps we’ll learn a few more details about Gaiden and Infinite Wealth.

Meanwhile, Bandai Namco has announced that its Anime Expo showcase will not only feature their upcoming games (like Baten Kaitos), but also “exciting announcements and game reveals.”

(Is the time right for a new Tales announcement?)

I’m looking forward to seeing what might be announced at Anime Expo. Here’s hoping some of these panels will be streamed, or at least shared by helpful audience members again. What do you think will be announced at these Anime Expo panels?

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