Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Mar 292019

While I mainly think of Monolith Soft as the developer behind JRPGs like Baten Kaitos and Xenoblade, they have a supplementary studio in Kyoto that works with Nintendo on other games.

The Kyoto branch worked on three games in the Legend of Zelda series: Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, and Breath of the Wild.

Now, it appears they’re getting ready to work on another. According to the translation from Gematsu, Monolith Soft’s latest job post is looking for technical artists, programmers, planners, designers, and a project manager for work on a title in the Legend of Zelda series.

With the Link’s Awakening remake coming out this year, does this mean the announcement for the next major Legend of Zelda title will be coming soon? I can see it being announced at E3.

This also should be the third game Monolith Soft is currently working on, since they were previously hiring for a new Xenoblade game and they have a new fantasy IP in development as well.

When do you think the new Legend of Zelda game will be announced?

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Mar 272019

The final piece of Final Fantasy XV DLC, Episode Ardyn, is now available for $9.99.

When the release date was announced, I speculated that Episode Ardyn would be longer than the previous DLC episodes.

This made sense for two reasons. First, they had originally said they might make an entire game based around Ardyn, which suggested they had a lot of material. Second, it costs twice as much as the previous DLC episodes, which are $4.99 each.

However, players have reported that Episode Ardyn is about 2-3 hours long, just like the others.

So I’m not sure why it costs $9.99 when it’s the same length as the previous DLC episodes. I haven’t actually bought it yet, because I lost some of my enthusiasm. The anime prologue wasn’t as interesting as I hoped, either, partly because it’s so short. It added a few more details to the story we already knew, but it was nothing like the look at Ardyn’s past I’d hoped for.

I’ll probably still get Episode Ardyn eventually (and maybe Episode Ignis too), but right now I have other games I’d rather play instead.

Are you getting Episode Ardyn?

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Mar 252019

I loved Persona 5, so when “Persona 5 R” was first teased, I was interested in what it might be.

Would it be the much-rumored Switch port? Would it be an upgraded version, along the lines of Persona 4 Golden? Would it be a spin-off?

With the initial teaser, Atlus said more information would be announced in March, and now Persona 5: The Royal has been revealed for the PS4!

…and we still don’t know what it is.

The teaser trailer for Persona 5: The Royal shows a new female character who is asked her opinion of the Phantom Thieves. She says she doesn’t agree with their methods.

This has caused a flurry of theories.

Many people believe Persona 5: The Royal is an enhanced version of Persona 5 that will have the option for a female protagonist, like Persona 3 Portable did. However, based on her uniform, she’s a first-year student, so it doesn’t seem like she’s just a female Joker.

It’s possible she’s a female protagonist with a different campaign, but she might just be a new confidant or supporting character (although it seems strange for the teaser to feature her if she isn’t too important).

And what about her comment on the Phantom Thieves? Some people think she opposes the Phantom Thieves, while others believe she’s lying in the teaser.

The other popular theory is that Persona 5: The Royal is a sequel or companion game, with an all-new story.

More information is coming on April 24, so we should get some answers then… hopefully. Personally, I’d rather it be an entirely new game, since I’m not likely to buy and play a new version of such a long game for just some extra content. What do you think Persona 5: The Royal is?

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