Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Apr 292019

We only spoke briefly about Oninaki when it was announced during February’s Nintendo Direct, but it looks like it could be an interesting game.

Oninaki is the third game from Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Factory studio, after I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear. Unlike those, Oninaki is an action RPG.

In a recent interview with the PlayStation Blog, Tokyo RPG Factory shared some new details about the game. Reincarnation is a key part of the game’s world, and the main character is a Watcher who helps ensure Lost Souls can move on.

Now, grief for someone who has died can make them become a Lost Soul, so people try not to feel strong emotions. Sometimes Watchers need to kill the people’s whose emotions are preventing a soul from moving on.

That sounds like it could get pretty dark. Later on in the interview, they describe it as a dystopia.

A new trailer is also available, introducing some of the characters and showing more combat.

I still wish Tokyo RPG Factory had stuck with turn-based RPGs, but this game looks like it might surpass their previous two. The story definitely has potential, and I hope it ends up being as interesting as it sounds right now.

In the meantime, I probably should play Lost Sphear sometime… What do you think? And what do you think of what we’ve seen of Oninaki so far?

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Apr 262019

Well, Persona 5 S isn’t a Switch port of Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal.

It isn’t a Persona 5 sequel, either.

It’s an action spin-off called Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.

Of all the things I expected, that never occurred to me. Persona 5 Scramble is a Musou-style (think Dynasty Warriors) action RPG being developed by Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force studio, for both the PS4 and the Switch.

Unlike Persona 5 Royal, neither localization news nor a Japanese release date has been announced for this yet. Since the dancing spin-offs came to the west and Persona Q2 will follow, it seems likely Persona 5 Scramble will as well.

All we have so far is a short teaser trailer introducing the game.

It’s supposed to tell a new story, so we’ll see how this fits in with Persona 5. Maybe it’s sort of a sequel after all, even if it’s not quite what we had in mind.

How do you feel about Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers?

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Apr 242019

After having been teased previously, Persona 5 Royal has now been officially revealed.

(Persona 5: The Royal appears to be the Japanese name, but Persona 5 Royal is the title used on the English site.)

It is an upgraded version of Persona 5 that will have a lot of new features, as detailed on the website.

First up is the new female character shown in the teaser. She isn’t an alternate protagonist, like most people expected, but a new character and most likely party member named Kasumi Yoshizawa.

There is another new confidant as well, a counselor named Takuto Maruki who comes to the school.

Persona 5 Royal will have new activities, new locations, photographs, and a third semester, which sounds like it should mean a ton of new content. I believe this third semester will take place during the time skip in the original, although let me know if I’m wrong about that.

(The website also shows a character who appears to be a human Morgana.)

I’m conflicted about this. On one hand, it sounds like there’s going to be a lot of new stuff, I’m interested in it, and I loved Persona 5. On the other hand, this is a massive game to replay.

Persona 5 Royal will be out on October 31 in Japan and 2020 in the west. Meanwhile, Persona 5 S is set to be revealed tomorrow.

(I was hoping Persona 5 S would be a Switch version with additional content and Persona 5 Royal would be a completely new sequel, so with that possibility out of the picture, I just hope Persona 5 S isn’t just the base Persona 5 without the Royal content.)

How do you feel about Persona 5 Royal? Will you be picking it up? If you already played the original, do you think the new content will be worth playing through it again?

In unrelated news, Critical Mode was added to Kingdom Hearts III yesterday as free DLC, so if you thought the base game didn’t offer enough of a challenge, check that out!

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