Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jan 312020

A new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer came out today, and it’s pretty awesome.

The new trailer includes a lot of stuff.

It shows the flashback conversation between Cloud and Tifa, several new scenes of crossdressing Cloud (they must know fans have been anxious about that), another scene with the new character Roche, and a confrontation between Cloud and Sephiroth.

All of these scenes look fantastic. I’m not sure how they’ll work in the new stuff with Sephiroth, but it has the potential to be interesting if they handle it well. I’ve also been concerned about how Roche will fit into the story, but he doesn’t seem bad in the trailer.

The trailer also gives us our first look at Reeve, Scarlet, Palmer, Red XIII, and Hojo.

They all look great, too. Seeing each new character was a delight. I’ve been especially looking forward to seeing what the remake would do with Hojo, and I’m pleased. He looks great!

Great in a Hojo sort of way, that is.

Finally, the trailer features what appears to be a battle against Jenova, confirming that there have been some definite story changes. Some fans have pointed out that Red XIII doesn’t appear in the party window even when he’s seen on-screen in battle scenes in this trailer, so he might not be a full party member in the first Remake game.

For Midgar to become a full-length game, they pretty much had to change some story details, so while it could potentially feel off compared to the original, I’m optimistic that they’ve made good decisions about how to handle these elements.

The entire trailer left me feeling more excited than ever for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and I only wish it was still coming out in March instead of April 10.

Moving on to Kingdom Hearts, the official name for the Xehanort mobile game has now been revealed as Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. (I was so close with my “Dark Fall” guess.) I’d hoped we would get more information about the game right away, but we’ll have to wait until mid-February for more details.

I’m still holding out hope that despite being mobile, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road won’t be a gacha game.

So, how do you feel about the newest Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer? What do you think of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road? Share all your thoughts in the comments!

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Jan 292020

Hot on the heels of the Silent Hill rumors we discussed on Monday, we now have new Resident Evil rumors to take a look at.

These rumors are about Resident Evil 8 specifically and come from the site Biohazard Declassified.

They say they received an email stating that the next game (which will not be called Resident Evil 8 but will have a “clever title”) will be another first-person game with Ethan from 7 as a playable character, and Chris Redfield will be involved. Regular zombies will return, along with new “wolf-like creatures” and a shadowy enemy that follows the player and disappears when shot.

According to the rumor, the setting is a snowy environment and it starts in a village leading to a castle.

Despite a lot of people discussing “werewolves” in regards to this, it doesn’t look like that was specified, just that the enemies are wolf-like. Details such as the shadowy stalker enemy and the castle have also led to fans speculating that they might use elements from the early “Hook Man” build of Resident Evil 4, which was rumored in the past as well.

Now, this rumor comes from a random anonymous email, which doesn’t lend it a lot of credibility. Eurogamer backed up the report that it will be first-person, but not the rest. Meanwhile, AestheticGamer (the leaker we discussed in regards to the Silent Hill rumors) says it’s not the final Resident Evil 8 but a scrapped version.

And in (possibly) unrelated news, Capcom is recruiting Resident Evil Ambassadors for another playtest starting at the end of February and running through March. The email doesn’t specify which title this playtest is for, so it’s possible they’re testing an unannounced Resident Evil game.

So what do you think? Are the Resident Evil 8 rumors true? Is the playtest for an unannounced game? Share your thoughts in the comments… and I’ll do my best to play Resident Evil 7 before 8 comes out!

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Jan 272020

Last week, rumors began circulating about a potential soft reboot for the Silent Hill series, with two new games supposedly in development.

Eurogamer reported about how a leaker on Twitter known as AestheticGamer had tweeted about these projects.

According to the tweets, Konami reached out to developers a couple years ago with pitches for two Silent Hill games. One would be a soft reboot for the series, while the other would be an episodic spin-off in the style of Until Dawn or Telltale’s games.

This revelation caused a flurry of speculation, especially since Silent Hill art director Masahiro Ito is working on a new game. People already wondered if he might be involved with Kojima’s in-development horror game, and so now of course some fans are theorizing that Konami and Kojima might be working together again on the next Silent Hill game.

Since then, AestheticGame has clarified that this information comes from Konami approaching the developers a couple years ago, so it’s only speculation that the games are actually in development. However, Rely on Horror has also reported an independent source saying Konami has a Silent Hill game in development.

Konami responded to Eurogamer to say they are “considering ways to provide the next title.”

I don’t know how to feel about these rumors. As much as I love Silent Hill, I’d pretty much given it up for dead… and even if they do have new Silent Hill games in development, I don’t have much faith.

Let’s talk about the rumored main entry, the soft reboot for the series. What does a soft reboot of the Silent Hill series even look like? Several of the games already stand on their own well enough, and Downpour was so far removed from everything else in the series it could almost be a soft reboot itself. Then again, some people felt Silent Hills would be different enough from the previous games to be a soft reboot, as well.

Aside from my confusion over the nature of the reboot, though, I just don’t have confidence that they will make another game that feels like Silent Hill. I’m worried it will try to mimic the past games without understanding them, or try too hard to explain how the town works (a criticism I had of Downpour).

As for the spin-off, I don’t know. I’m sure it would be fine as a spin-off, but planning a spin-off at the same time as the next mainline game just makes me wonder what they have in mind for the series.

Of course, a lot of this depends on which developers they got to work on the games, too. Who knows? Maybe they’ll surprise me. For now, however, I’m not holding my breath about Silent Hill making a proper return.

What do you think? Are the rumors of two new in-development Silent Hill games true, and do you think they’ll do the series justice? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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