Operation Backlog Completion 2024



Visual Novels

Ascendant Hearts

Anime Studio Simulator
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My Strange Girlfriend: Romance You Choose (writer)
My Devil Girlfriend: Romance You Choose (writer)
Lost Memories: Romance You Choose (writer)
My Animal School Romance: Romance You Choose (writer)
Death Game: Anime Girlfriend Game (writer)
My Kemono Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim (writer)
Gossip School: Romance Otome Game
My Ninja Girlfriend: Anime Romance Game (writer)
My Time Traveling Girlfriend (writer)
Not It (writer)
Mystery of the Murderous Dreams (writer)
Death School (writer)
Class of the Living Dead: Moe Zombie Horror Game (writer)
Shisa – The Lost Souls: Anime Moe Horror Game (writer)
The Last Act (writer)
My Sweet Stalker (writer)
Sealed With a Dragon’s Kiss (co-writer)
I Woke Up and Now I’m a Knight?! (writer)
Eroblast (writer for some routes)
Head Over Heels (writer)
The King’s Crown (writer)
The Spellbinding Kiss: Anime Otome Dating Sim (Seasons 2 and 3 writer)
Forest of Destiny (writer)
My Secret Spy Lovers (writer)
Married to the Mafia (writer)


Parachronism: Order of Chaos
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Parachronism: Order of Chaos

Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age (English proofreader)
Chaos Souls (writer) (no longer available)

Puzzle Games

The Chronicles of Noah’s Ark (English proofreader)
Trials of Olympus II: Wrath of the Gods (English proofreader)
The Voice from Heaven (English proofreader)
Rat and Louie: Cook from the Heart (writer)
The Trials of Olympus III: King of the World (writer)
Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance (writer)
The Enthralling Realms: Curse of Darkness (writer)
The Chronicles of Jonah and the Whale (writer)
Duskless: The Clockwork Army (writer)
The Enthralling Realms: An Alchemist’s Tale (writer)
The Chronicles of King Arthur: Episode 1 – Excalibur (writer)
The Chronicles of King Arthur: Episode 2 – Knights of the Round Table (writer)
The Chronicles of Moses and the Exodus (writer)
The Enthralling Realms: The Blacksmith’s Revenge (writer)
The Chronicles of Robin Hood: The King of Thieves (writer)
The Enthralling Realms: The Witch and the Elven Princess (writer)


Diabolical (Choicescript editor)
Two Till Midnight (note/lore writer)
Tokyo Dark – Remembrance (proofreader)
Skyhill: Black Mist (note/lore writer)
Echoes of Cxcothl (co-writer)
Sexy Mystic Survivors (writer for some scenes)
Word Mansion (writer)

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