Operation Backlog Completion 2024
May 212014

Last week, the semester came to an end. That means I have more time to relax (and work on my writing, of course) now, but it also means that for the past couple of weeks, I was pretty busy. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was aware that my third SpeckLit drabble would be published on May 9, and I told myself I would write a little announcement about it.

Well, better late than never, “Cursed” is my attempt to place a curse on a character with only 100 words to work with. And it turns out I remembered to write my announcement on the perfect day, because today marks the release of my next drabble, “Monsters.”

Maybe I should work on some more drabbles soon…

But in the meantime, I have freelance work and several stories to keep me occupied. See you around!

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