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Dec 182014

Following Sand’s publication a couple of weeks ago, I’m happy to announce that “Rokurokubi” is now available, as one of the stories collected in Wicked Words Quarterly – Issue 3.

“Rokurokubi” is a short horror story inspired by Japanese mythology, as I explained when the story was first accepted. If all of my talk of yokai when I announced the acceptance caught your attention, Wicked Words Quarterly – Issue 3 will definitely intrigue you.

You see, one of the most interesting things about this issue is that “Rokurokubi” joins Gerri Leen’s “Fox Fire” and Pam Phillips’s “The Undying Pen” in an accidental Japanese mini-theme. It wasn’t planned that way, but all three of us had Japanese-inspired stories accepted for the same issue. Curious how these things happen.

If you’d like to read “Rokurokubi” and the other stories in this magazine, you can pick up a copy of Wicked Words Quarterly – Issue 3 from Amazon, either in print or as a Kindle ebook. You can also add it on Goodreads.

This could be the start of something great–I’ve really become fascinated with yokai, so you can expect more yokai-related stories from me in the future. (And I certainly hope those rumors of Yokai Watch localization are true…)

Share your thoughts on “Rokurokubi,” Wicked Words Quarterly, and Japanese mythology in the comments below!

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