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Apr 062015

Fatal-Frame-V-caseBy now you’ve probably heard the good news, but just in case you haven’t, last week’s Nintendo Direct confirmed the upcoming localization of Fatal Frame V.

Fatal Frame V: Oracle of the Sodden Raven (first translated as The Black Haired Shrine Maiden) is one of the games I was really hoping to hear news about. While I haven’t played the previous Fatal Frame games yet, I’ve started the first one (and played Spirit Camera) and I’ve always thought Fatal Frame’s camera-centric combat is a perfect fit for the Wii U, because of the GamePad.

It’s been out in Japan since September, and some fans started to lose hope of ever hearing a localization announcement. Now the West is getting Fatal Frame V! This proves we should never give up. Not on Fatal Frame, not on Dai Gyakuten Saiban, and not even on Gyakuten Kenji 2. (The Nintendo Direct also confirmed that DS games are finally coming to the Wii U virtual console, so our chances of getting GK2 look better than ever!)

Now, what would be really cool would be if Nintendo packaged the previously Japan-only Fatal Frame IV with Oracle of the Sodden Raven, similar to how Bayonetta was included with Bayonetta 2… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, we fans of Fatal Frame and survival horror in general should do everything we can to support this game and show we want to see more like it!

Fatal Frame V: Oracle of the Sodden Raven doesn’t have a Western release date yet, but I’ll let you know when it does.

Fatal Frame… Yokai WatchFantasy Life… Several of my localization hopes have been fulfilled. Is it almost Ace Attorney Investigations 2’s time to shine?

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  2 Responses to “Fatal Frame V Localization Confirmed!”

  1. It took over five and a half years for Advance Wars: Days of Ruin to come out in Japan after it was only released everywhere else.

    …It’s definitely not impossible for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 to still come here!

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