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Feb 082016

Update: We’ve got the crazy name worked out. It’s actually “Charles D. Goale.”

Star-Ocean-5-spaceshipAs you know, my excitement over Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness has made me interested in playing the entire Star Ocean series… which I still haven’t done, but Star Ocean 5 continues to look great.

The latest news (thanks, Gematsu) from Square Enix is about the spaceship.

You’ll use it to travel in between worlds, but it also has shops inside and a shuttle used to access the planets.

Since I’ve never played Star Ocean, I don’t know how ships are usually handled by the series, but this sounds cool.

It looks pretty nice, too.

And the ship is called the Charles D. Goal F.


Some people have suggested this name is a pun or reference, but… I don’t know, when I read the name “Charles D. Goal F,” I don’t quite think of an awesome spaceship traveling the stars.

Square Enix revealed new details about things other than the ship, too, such as the battle system, group battles, and “private actions,” where you have conversations with party members. You can read all about it at Gematsu, while I continue to make vague plans about trying the series before Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness comes out.

…But really, the Charles D. Goal F? Really?

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  4 Responses to “Star Ocean 5 Has a Great Spaceship With a Terrible Name”

  1. Should’ve been Charles A. Goal F or something. Maybe Goal F means something.

    Get that Charles Lindbergh reference.

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