Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Sep 232016

color-splashI’m still not sold on Paper Mario: Color Splash.

The Rescue V videos have been entertaining, but they haven’t convinced me it’s the sort of Paper Mario game I want to play. I’m waiting for reviews before I make any decisions.

(I learned my lesson with Sticker Star.)

But for players more convinced than me that Color Splash will be enjoyable, the digital copy became available to pre-load from the eShop last night.

Normally, a pre-load lets you download the game so that when release day comes, you can play it immediately without having to wait for the download.

Here, however, someone messed up.

Even though Color Splash won’t be out until October 7, the pre-load accidentally made the entire game playable. Oops?

Nintendo fixed the problem by removing the ability to pre-load the game. Maybe it will return once they lock the game and make it function as a normal pre-load. As for me, I’m looking forward to hearing early impressions of Color Splash.

What do you think about this unusual mistake? For players who got their early digital copy, how is the game so far?

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  8 Responses to “Paper Mario: Color Splash Accidentally Leaked on eShop”

  1. Mistakes turned into miracles….


  2. Great, now another game to avoid spoilers from.

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