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Feb 102017

I loved the Mass Effect trilogy, especially the first game. I want Mass Effect Andromeda to be just as great (or better!), but I don’t have a good sense for it yet.

In particular, I’m worried it could run into similar issues as Dragon Quest Inquisition, which suffered a disconnect between its story and exploration, or de-emphasize the story in general.

Recently, BioWare revealed new details about Andromeda to PC Gamer (UK), and fans compiled the new information on Reddit, including some details about the story’s tone.

Andromeda’s story will be more optimistic and “casual” than the trilogy’s, to give it a lighter tone. There also won’t be an overarching threat like the Reapers… although the Kett have been presented as villains in the trailers, so I’m not entirely sure what this means. It might just mean a more normal main antagonist, instead of galaxy-destroying entities of doom.

On the other hand, there will be multiple hub areas, each planet has its own history and backstory, and they’re approaching things similarly to the way The Witcher 3 did, to make sure quantity doesn’t take away from quality in their open world.

They also mentioned the return of loyalty missions and how character interactions will play a big role, which is good.

I’m not sure what to make of these details. On one hand, meaningful side quests and memorable characters can make a great game! On the other hand, I hope the story isn’t too relaxed and casual, even if it isn’t as high stakes as the trilogy.

Finally, they said one more thing that concerns me: that story missions will be more arena-like rather than out in the open world. That sounds a lot like my problem with Inquisition, so I hope it handles the contrast better, at least.

These details left me even more conflicted about Mass Effect Andromeda’s direction, but a lot of fans seem thrilled by the idea of a more casual, exploration-focused story. What about you?

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