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Nov 152017

Remember the announcement that the Ace Attorney anime would receive an English dub? (I actually forgot.) Well, we now know who the voice cast will be!

Funimation made a new announcement revealing the English voice actors not only for the main characters, but also for supporting characters.

Hopefully announcing the full voice cast means the dub is coming soon. The anime was enjoyable enough, despite some pacing issues, but I’d especially recommend it to someone who has played the first two games.

I already have a Funimation subscription, because I’ve been using it to watch shows like Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, and Durarara!! (No, I’m not just excited about it, the title is “Durarara!!”) What other anime should I try?

Meanwhile, Ace Attorney rumors are out in full force, with one person claiming the game will be announced on December 14 and will include the return of Franziska and Nahyuta, as well as another old character who will be central to the plot.

Is this person telling the truth (despite a dubious history)? Well, if an announcement comes out on December 14, it will add credibility to their claims.

Are you planning to watch the dubbed version of the Ace Attorney anime? Do you believe any of the Ace Attorney 7 rumors you’ve seen?

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