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Aug 282019

Last year, Telltale Games shut down and all of its upcoming games except for the final season of The Walking Dead were cancelled, but now it’s coming back!

Sort of.

LCG Entertainment announced that it has bought Telltale’s assets and IPs and will operate as Telltale Games to release the studio’s back catalog and develop new games.

It’s a bit strange since the original Telltale Games is gone. This is essentially a new developer using the same name. However, their press release says they’ll be hiring or contracting “key talent from the original company.”

In an interview with GameDaily, they went into more detail about how they intend to revive the brand and avoid the original company’s mistakes by not taking on too much at once. It sounds like their focus early on will be to take things slowly enough to get Telltale back on its feet. They also plan to both use the Telltale Tool and transition to new technology.

Personally, I hope this means The Wolf Among Us 2 has a chance to come out after all. The Wolf Among Us is one of the properties they’ve acquired, and it’s the sequel I was looking forward to the most.

Will it feel the same with a new Telltale Games at the helm? I don’t know. But at least now there’s hope that it could still be developed!

How do you feel about the revival of this new Telltale Games? What announcements are you hoping to see? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  4 Responses to “Telltale Games is Coming Back (Sort Of)”

  1. Reminds me of present-day ATARI, and that sure didn’t go well.

  2. Oh, hell yes. There’s a chance this other company will mess them up, but this could be fantastic news. I love Telltale. I want The Wolf Among Us 2 as well. I feel like now we’re going to get it.

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