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Nov 032021

Among our long list of exciting games that came out this year is Impostor Factory, the third main entry in the To the Moon series.

I played Impostor Factory immediately after it came out, but since that was right ahead of October, its review got put off all this time!

Now, I honestly considered making it the first “spooky” game review of this October. Impostor Factory begins with a man named Quincy arriving at a mansion to attend a party, and it isn’t long before strange things start happening. Creepy things.

Yet despite the creepiness in certain parts of the game, I decided it was too much of a stretch to include it. So, it’s finally time to talk about Impostor Factory.

Unlike To the Moon and Finding Paradise, Impostor Factory doesn’t begin with Neil and Eva visiting someone’s memories to fulfill their wish. It feels unrelated at first, but don’t misunderstand, it is definitely a main entry in the series rather than a spin-off, and the reasons for that become clear as you play.

It soon becomes another emotional story through a character’s life. The format might be different, but the feelings are the same, and there’s a plot twist partway through that makes everything mean so much more.

I’m not sure I can give any specific details without brushing on spoilers, so I’ll just say that while you shouldn’t expect this to be a conclusion to the overarching story, I think you’ll enjoy Impostor Factory if you liked the previous two (although it seems like it’s a somewhat controversial one among fans). For me, I’d rank this second in the series – it didn’t quite hit the emotional highs of To the Moon for me, but I enjoyed it more than Finding Paradise.

So if you haven’t played Impostor Factory yet, be sure to get it. I just hope we won’t have to wait too long before getting a fourth main game in the series!

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  2 Responses to “Impostor Factory is Another Emotional (and Sometimes Creepy) Entry in the Series”

  1. No mention that this week also happens to the 10th Anniversary of To The Moon?
    And the beginning sections definitely fall into creepy territory. You might have been able to push it into Spooky month, even if it did feel like… an Impostor (sus)

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