Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Mar 012023

March is upon us, and our February contest is at an end.

It was a close race this time, so while I count up the scores, let’s take a moment to discuss the recent Ace Attorney news!

While it’s not a new game announcement like I’ve been hoping for, a couple of events related to The Great Ace Attorney have been announced for Japan.

Last week, a Great Ace Attorney musical from the Takarazuka Revue Company was announced, to be performed in July and August. They’ve done three previous Ace Attorney musicals, but this will be the first one in ten years.

(These aren’t to be confused with the other Ace Attorney stage plays, which are separate.)

Now today, Capcom made another Great Ace Attorney announcement: a recitation from the voice actors of the two games’ story, as well as a new story episode written by Shu Takumi. This will be held on August 12.

Neither of these events is likely to get an official translation, but maybe someone will translate them into English eventually. I’m especially curious about the new story content being written for the recitation. Overall, I’m just thrilled to see more Great Ace Attorney content being made, not to mention Capcom paying attention to Ace Attorney in general.

Maybe our new game announcement is right around the corner. (Please.)

How do you feel about these two announcements?

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  6 Responses to “The Great Ace Attorney is Getting a Musical and a Recitation”

  1. I’m most happy/sad that Shu Takumi is writing a new story episode… that we will likely never get. It’ll probably be something light and silly, but who knows. But I am glad to see a renewed love for the games with the release and translation, I think that shows a good sign that there is at least some ongoing investment in the series!

  2. This new episode is gonna not only not come here, but will probably be lost to time (whomever doesn’t show up at the event in August)!

    As for the musical… consider:
    “Capcom seeks to enhance its brands via its Single Content Multiple Usage strategy to further bolster sales in its core home video game software business. Through this collaboration with the world-renowned Takarazuka Revue Company, Capcom aims to increase the brand value of its IP globally.”
    Through doing this musical, CAPCOM will increase the brand value of Ace Attorney… GLOBALLY.
    If it were locked to Japan, how would that increase the value GLOBALLY? Global means… not just Japan!

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